Vote for Student Government Senate Positions


Elections for Suffolk’s Student Government Association (SGA) are happening this week and the candidates are eager to get started. Each candidate has a unique platform and wishes to represent the diverse student voices at Suffolk. SGA Vice President Vito Gallo said that voting was especially important this year.

“There’s actually a lot of competition,” said Gallo. “In other years, there have been more spots than people. Now we have more people.”

Gallo added that the majority of students who are running are new to the elections at Suffolk.

Running for SGA senator is out of sophomore Dialis Molina’s comfort zone, but her experience as an Orientation Leader inspired her to get involved.

“I’m approachable,” said Molina. “I want people to know that they can tell me things and I will do my very best to help them. I’m excited to get going.”

Molina said that she would focus on what students need most. Specifically, she mentioned improving the process of bringing guests into the cafeteria at 150 Tremont.

Sophomore Tyler LeBlanc’s experience as an Orientation Leader also inspired him to run for office.

“I really got to see how Suffolk works internally,” said LeBlanc. “I feel like there are a few things I could help with. I hope to gain more experience and get things done.”

One of LeBlanc’s major focuses is Suffolk’s internet. He believes that with a greater push towards online homework, the network needs to be more reliable.

“I just have a lot of passion,” LeBlanc added. “I really love this university and I want to be able to convey the opinions of my fellow students.”

Other candidates are focused on representing a specific population at the University. If elected, one of senior Ulrich Dossou’s main goals is to connect the diverse student body at Suffolk.

“It’s my way to give back to the Suffolk community,” said Dossou. “I love to be involved on campus.”

Dossou said that he wants to be a part of how the diverse students at Suffolk interact more and get to know each other. Junior candidate Chuyi Luo, on the other hand, wants to be the voice for fellow transfer students. Also an international student, she

hopes to strengthen their involvement at Suffolk.

“I want to let them know more about the school,” Luo said. “I want to help them with their careers and start good networking.”

She also said she wants to help undecided students choose a major by helping them discover what they love to do.

“I think I can learn a lot too,” added Luo. “When I help people, I can also help myself.”

Some candidates wish to reach above the student body and have ambitious ideas for the university and SGA.

“I’m running because the freshman class has a golden opportunity to make a good name for itself here at school,” said freshman candidate Sean Egan. Egan’s initial goal if elected is to revitalize SGA’s fundraising in new and innovative ways.

“Good fundraising can make or break an organization,” Egan said. “We need to break out of the mold. It’s all about promotion and creativity.”

Freshman Matthew Gifford is the former Chairman of the Massachusetts State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) and he wants to make sure that students’ voices are heard.

“I’m running off a very unique policy,” Gifford explained. “Most others have a solid idea for what they want to change. I don’t want to sell my ideas. The job of the senator is not to tell them what I want to do. It’s to listen to the people and hear their ideas.”

Gifford said he has been involved in his community since his freshman year of high school. As a student representative for the SSAC, he represented all the students in Massachusetts from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

“I want to be the voice of those students who can’t speak out or don’t know how to speak up,” said Gifford. “I want to be their liaison. We’re not kids; we’re adults. We should be making our own decisions.”

While these are not all of the candidates running for SGA senator at Suffolk, their ideas are representative of the power each student has to initiate change and growth at the University.

“The people you’re electing are your voice,” Gallo said. “Take advantage of that.”

Voting closes tonight; tomorrow, newly elected SGA senators will begin making a difference at Suffolk University.