Why I am voting for Scott Brown!


Thursday, Sept. 20, marks the beginning of three or four formal debates between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. While the rest of the country will be watching The Voice or The Real Housewives of New York, I would hope that the majority of Massachusetts tunes in at 7 p.m. to WBZ-TV to watch this debate because it is going to be very revealing to many voters.

When doing some research on these two favored candidates, one major thing stuck out to me, their websites. Elizabeth Warren has a home page of a huge picture of herself asking to all who enter to give up your email for campaign updates, while Senator Brown’s website opens to a small picture of himself encouraging to watch the debate and of course an email list sign up too. Once I get past the opening force to sign up for either of their campaigns, I look for the menu bar to select the option to bring me to their separate Student Coalitions. Elizabeth Warren’s page is a bit pushy. She has 3 sections to this page. One is a very brief overview of what the student coalition consists of, “Over the next four months, we will be growing this community – campus by campus – to talk to our friends and classmates about why we need Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate. Start organizing today – sign up using the form to the right.” The next section includes links to follow for internships and then the last section is of course to get your information. That concludes the Students for Elizabeth Warren coalition page.

When I go to the Students for Scott Brown coalition page, there are fun pictures of students volunteering, a calendar of events from the campaign, and the best part of all, a list of the main five bills introduced and or supported by Senator Brown that directly relates to students. They even give extra links to news articles about the impacts of these bills. When I tried to find any information on what Elizabeth Warren wants to do to help students, I had to go to her “issues” menu, click on education, and to my disappointment, she only talks about herself and never addresses what she wants to do to help students get a job or pay for loans. She says all the things every politician should about education like, “Good public schools, good community colleges, good public universities, and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world.” Who could disagree with that? My only question is how are you going to make sure my training ensures me a job? That question remains unanswered from Prof. Warren.

Scott Brown is the obvious choice for me. I would prefer to have a Senator who is keeping his promises about my future and my career, rather than a Prof. who uses immoral ways to get a job (aka lying). I want a Senator who understands the struggle to pay back loans after graduation. Senator Brown has introduced bills such as the “Subsidized Stafford Loan Reduced Interest Rate Extension Act of 2012 (S. 2834)” that would extend the subsidized Stafford loan interest rate of 3.4% for one year, not just 6 months after graduation. I am not too sure about my fellow students, but that sounds pretty great to me. This bill, along with so many others affecting students, is my main reason for supporting Senator Brown.

Another thing to think about, while Elizabeth Warren is a dedicated democrat, Scott Brown is a Republican but is also the second most bipartisan senator in office right now. This means that no matter which side introduces a bill, Senator Brown spends time going through the bill without being influenced by his party. If the bill is good for the people and written correctly, he will stand by it and take any criticism he meets. I would rather have a Senator willing to consider the best for his state and country rather than a Senator who will only consider which side introduced the bill.

I hope this debate is able to prove to Massachusetts that they made the right choice two years ago when they voted for the new guy with his brown jacket and GMC pickup truck. He was the right choice then, and he is the right choice now. Senator Brown’s campaign slogan puts it perfectly, “He’s for us”.