Santorum’s success provides insight into America

Oh Rick Santorum, how we will miss you. You were a constant source of entertainment for us porn addicted, life hating, gay marriage supporting liberal heathens who are destroying America one vote for Obama at a time.
In all seriousness though, as much as I do not like Senator Santorum or anything he stands for, I am glad that his campaign did go as far as it did. That may not make sense right away, seeing as I just said I do not like the man. But hear me out.
The legitimacy of his campaign provided a true look into what America has become in 2012. It seems like the lines have been drawn in the sand as to what people believe in nowadays. I’m glad I got to see what type of candidate a large portion of this country would like to support.
The one thing you have to give Santorum is that he stood for what he believed in, and sometimes to a fault. He did, however, give Mitt Romney one hell of a fight which makes me wonder about his legitimacy as a presidential candidate in terms of having full Republican support. But that is a topic for another day.
Santorum represents a large population of how Americans feel. I disagree with this portion of our country when it comes to a lot of things, but I have to admit that I was impressed with their commitment to their causes. I will never knock anyone’s passion for something that they truly believe in. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with those beliefs. It just means I believe that Americans should have the right to voice their opinions, especially in the political arena.
What Santorum’s success showed me was a vow to one particular way of thinking from his supporters. It is based in a strong religious belief system that many feel should be implemented in the policies this country runs on. Seeing this should have been no surprise to anyone. What is surprising is that there does not seem to be an endgame between liberals and conservatives. It almost seems as though candidates in the future will continue to be polar opposites, which may lead to a constant unharmonious period in this country’s history.
You better believe with the success of Rick Santorum comes a whole new crop of Republican candidates just like him. And let’s just say that President Obama is victorious in the upcoming election. It can be assumed that the next Democratic presidential candidate will be along the same lines as him. So where does it end? Are we destined to be a country constantly separated by what we feel is morally right and wrong?
My feeling is that this is the reason why religion should not be taken into account when making policies. It gets way too messy. The truth is, though, that religion within politics is not going anywhere. Liberal policy making is also going nowhere any time soon. I guess we can just expect this country to be in constant limbo for the foreseeable future. So thanks Rick for helping me come to this stark conclusion of what America will be throughout most of my lifetime. I guess it was the least you could do.