Students broadcast live from Studio 73


Studio 73 is a fully equipped television studio on Suffolk’s campus at 73 Tremont Street. The studio provides students with the resources to experiment and learn about the broadcasting field first hand and produce shows like Suffolk in the City (broadcasted on NECN) and SU News, which provides the Suffolk community with local news. Topics covered by the studio’s range from topics like Bruins’ games award show recaps.
“It’s a great opportunity for our Suffolk students being on NECN,” said Jerry Glendye, television studio manger at Studio 73.
Other shows produced in Studio 73 include Temple Street, Comcast Newsmakers and State House News Service. Freedom Trail TV, which is archived on YouTube, was the inspiration behind Suffolk in the City, which is currently reported by students Breana Pitts and Andrew Scheinthal.
Studio 73 makes it a point to reach out to the community as well with shows like Don’t Retire Inspire, hosted Augusta Alban and put on in collaboration with the mayor’s office and the Boston Elderly Commission. The statement “what inspires you” is said to the audience to add a memorable farewell at the end of every show.
Acting for the Camera, Temple Street, Suffolk University News, and Intro to Media Production are all classes using Studio 73 as a resource of the course curriculum.
“With SU News, we teach students how to behave in front of the cameras as opposed to them learning how to project their voice,” said Glendye. “The best part about classroom production, even though you have student reporters in front of the cameras, is that there are students working behind the scenes with cameras and other equipment that you don’t really see.”
Features of Fred Lynn, the only athlete to ever become an MVP and a rookie to the Major League Baseball all within in the same year, and famed actor Ed Burns having have  given Studio 73 recent recognition outside of the Suffolk community. The studio has also featured many politicians throughout its history including individuals such as Martha Coakley, Michael Dukakis and Governor Deval Patrick.
A new program will be one on sports, led by Keith Erickson, assistant manager to Studio 73. The new segment will cover Suffolk Rams sports for students to interview coaches, student players and fans. The segment will allow the Suffolk community to witness live footage from the games, broadcasted directly to the show.
“We have a great athletics department, we want support them a little more with the new segment,” said Glendye.
The studio came originated in April of 2008; Glendye joined Studio 73 in July of 2008. It was a joint effort between Jason Carter and Dr. Robert Rosenthal. Growing from the 20 kids attending its open house, an event last week attracted roughly 120 students stopping by to see what the studio had to offer.
“It used to be a store. Once Suffolk began taking over the 73 Tremont building, the space cleared and was opened up to the communication department,” said Glendye.
Studio 73 is a resource that allows students to come with their own ideas and work towards turning them to reality.
“My favorite part is mentoring the kids, teaching them and having them gain real world practical experience,” said Keith Erickson, assistant manager to Studio 73.