Gasoline and fossil fuels: What are our alternatives?

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Now I will not sugar coat anything in  this article. Gasoline and other fossil fuels are useful, but in the long run cause a rather enormous amount of damage. Reading this, you might be thinking,  “Well this is old and boring news,” and that is unfortunate. It’s sad that the general public can be desensitized to this information. Not only is gasoline horrible for the environment, but the price of it keeps on soaring up ( for NO good reason whatsoever).

If you ask your parents about how much gas was when they were your age, you would be shocked at the prices. I asked my own mother how much gas was when she was my age and it was somewhere around one dollar—and that was still considered expensive. Something that you could do to help the environment is to switch out of your gas-consuming monster into something a bit safer like a hybrid car (a Toyota Prius, for example) or one of the newer “smart cars.” These safer options use less gasoline and can also be powered by electricity. No one can deny that we  haven’t heard this before, and I believe that a majority of people in the U.S. would like to help fix the world and become eco-responsible (minus big business and parts of the government).

I just don’t understand why we haven’t accessed our natural resources when they are ripe for the picking. We can use the sun and the wind and even our water to help power and shape our society into something better. Many people argue over the actual possibility of global warming, but instead of arguing about its existence, why not take preventative measures so that arguments can’t even be made? I know that if you can’t make money off of it, then the powers that be would turn a deaf ear to it. It’s the reason why fossil fuels are still in mass consumption is because of the articulate greed that encompasses the mind of big business.

I suggest that if you would like to learn more information about global warming, a good documentary to watch would be An Inconvenient Truth. It was created by former Vice President Al Gore and started out as a slide show that Gore gave as a presentation. And it impressed all the right people. The documentary ended up gaining Gore a lot of controversy, political debate, and ultimately the Nobel Peace Prize.

If we could just put all the aforementioned things aside and really take a good, hard look at the possibility of a green future, I think that everyone would agree that only good can come from it. So I hope that my article has had an effect to persuade you to at least think about other green and eco-friendly ideas to use instead of using fossil fuels. I encourage you to go on the Internet and search for more facts and more free thinkers. It’s our future, so let’s make it a nice one.