Glenn Beck is not coming back

It truly is a good week for everyone. On April 6, it was announced that Fox News anchor Glenn Beck would be stepping down from his trite television show to pursue other programming on the Fox network. I am not a fan of Glenn Beck’s in the slightest and I could not be happier that his awful little show is finally getting canceled. While I am someone who has his own grips with politics, I personally believe that every person has their right to an opinion.

My opinion on Glenn Beck is not a good one, mainly because of his foul nature. I think the man is a zealot in his political/journalistic field; he has his own one-man war against President Barack Obama that comes across more as just an attention grabber than something that you can draw actual proof from. He sternly states his views on religion –  and politics and religion do not mix well together.

I feel that his program on Fox News was strongly biased and highly dense. This is not a short rambling to slam Glenn Beck and/or Fox News (they don’t need my help to do that); I just feel that I am not alone in my direct feelings toward Beck. And while he may be a footnote in pop culture, he holds no realistic views in tow. The man is always looking for attention and I think that Fox News (and the world) can only benefit  from the cancellation of the show.

Maybe Fox News will actually fill the void that was Beck’s time slot with something that could actually attain some viewership. Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Aile spoke on Glenn’s behalf, saying, “Glenn Beck is a powerful communicator, a creative entrepreneur and a true success by anybody’s standards. I look forward to continuing to work with him.” I find this statement to be laughable because I feel that Beck is not a communicator, but more of a manipulator. I know many may argue that my rant has no back up information and that I am attacking an easy target, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I don’t plan on being quiet.

Beck may have only been hosting the show for close to three years but he has left a “legacy” with Fox News. I can only hope that whatever type of programming that replaces Beck will not be incredibly biased. In all honesty, whoever replaces Glenn Beck will likely still have an anti-Obama, conservative side. I am not saying that his replacement will make much of a difference because there is always going to be clashing and conflicting opinions. Now all we can do is pray and hope that any shows that Glenn Beck produces will be canceled. But as always, we must remember that everyone has a voice – sadly even Glenn Beck.