Spring Showcase shows off student talent

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Last weekend, The Suffolk University Theatre Department held it’s annual Spring Showcase. The show ran from Thursday February 10 through Sunday February 13 in the Studio Theater located on the fourth floor of the Archer Building. There were five different performances of the show in total, each of which included four different sketches that were all written and directed by students. Each sketch consisted of it’s own unique themes which allowed for the actors and actresses to display a vast array of emotion.

The first sketch, entitled “The Audit,” was written and directed by Talia Bashan. The story focused on a quarterly review at the fictional Bank of the People, that becomes incredibly intrusive into its employees personal lives. Heading off the cast was Kaitlyn Flynn who played Tova, a bank employee with a troubled past. Things came to a head when a representative from the Bank of the People, named Ms. Montgomery (played by Ashley Hevey), interviews Tova and provides a very harsh evaluation.

“The Shax Sessions” provided a new take on some classic characters. Written and directed by Jennifer Losco, the story took four of Shakespeare’s most well known characters and placed them in a life after death situation. It is there that Romeo, Juliet, Ophelia and Hamlet come to terms with what they really are.

In the third sketch, entitled “The Blue Hour: City Sketches”, characters provided a glimpse into the irritable time of day when no one wants to deal with anything. Directed by Bryan Pytka, the series of sketches focuses on four different characters who are each just trying to make it through the rest of the day without any hassles. Unfortunately, some people in the city make it a little bit harder than desired.

Wrapping up the sketches was “There’s No Grilled Cheese on the Menu.” Written and directed Arissara Chounchaisit, the story focused on a group of New Yorkers to figure out what is falling from the sky. This comedy gave a glimpse into the lives of many different perspectives of characters coming to terms with what might possibly be the end of the world. Or it could just begrilled cheese falling from the sky.

The show itself was a great success, providing the audience deep and intellectual characters to carry them through the sketches. With each sketch being completely unique from one another, the show provided a variety of different aspects that made it thoroughly enjoyable. The set pieces allowed for the characters to really come to life.          Overall, the show was great in providing perspectives from relatable viewpoints and making them take full form. All that can be said now is “bravo” to all involved.

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