Suffolk Eats Improv

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What was supposed to be a fun-filled night of laughter and off-the-cuff joking turned into a predominately silent experience with awkward glances and smug faces.

At some points, you could have heard crickets in the background.

“It really wasn’t that funny,” commented freshman Emily Brady referring to Saturday’s 9th annual “Eat My Improv” show at the Modern Theatre.

Improv Groups from Boston University, Emerson College, Brandeis University, and Suffolk’s own “Seriously Bent” performed comical skits off the tops of their heads.

Each group started their performance by asking the audience to scream out random words, later using them as the basis of the skits.

Despite the stagnant feeling in the theatre, a few voices could be heard projecting their approval for a select few skits.

Liquid Fun, from BU, performed comical situations “on the T” that local commuters found to be hilarious.

“The things you see on the T are so strange that the BU skit was almost accurate,” commented Susanna Paige. “I really wasn’t impressed with Emerson. I couldn’t hear like 80 percent of the act. In traditional improv you’re supposed to face the audience, but if you do move around at least don’t mumble.”

These short form sketches were between five to eight minutes and each group performed around four each.

“I think you need a specific kind of humor to appreciate improv. My friends enjoy it, but it’s not something I am crazy about,” commented James Borchers, a guest from the University of Miami. “If I had to chose a group from the show, I would have to say Brandeis University was the best.”

The Swollen Monkeys (SWOMO) group from Emerson got cheap laughs out of the audience using suggestive vocabulary.

The predominantly Suffolk dominated audience was the most enthusiastic about Seriously Bent. They worked their skit off of “shake weights” and moved on to ghosts, interventions, and malaria infected animals.

“I went the the Improv Asylum in the North End during freshman orientation and really enjoyed it, so I figured I would check out the show on campus,” commented freshman Gabrielle Bardfield. “Out of all the groups Brandeis was definitely the most impressive. I couldn’t really understand what was going on in the Seriously Bent skits; none of the sketches really fit together.”

At the end of the show all four improv groups joined to create skits together. This was the most exciting part of the night.

“It was a really fun event! Some of the groups were better than others, but it was really neat to see them all work together at the end,” commented sophomore Kyle Arruda. “It was almost as if they had all hung out in the past and were totally comfortable with each other.”

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