Production, hands-on

WSUB productions, a branch of Suffolk’s student media for those interested in electronic media, teaches the technical and professional aspects of video production.

The film and TV production club is client-based, currently working on projects such as PSA videos (the Take The Stairs campaign, for one) and a music video. They have their own equipment, but also have access to the university’s media lab.

“[WSUB] is a lot of fun and hands-on for all students who want to learn,” said Mason Marino, a junior and general manager. “We teach everything you need to know.

The production group runs off an executiveboard including a general manager, creative director, studio manager, and equipment manager. All e-board members, with the exception of one, has had an internship in the field.

“We accept anything, whatever a student wants to do. We do encourage short films [rather than long], as they’re more practical,” said Marino. “[E-board members] are in control, but also teaching. [Students] learn, get in there and do great. We make it as easy as possible for all students.”

“Normally everything is group training, but hands down we’ll teach individually in a second.”
Not all members are communication students. “Some are business majors, just with an interest in film,” said Marino, “and this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in being involved. It’s a social venture.”

“This year is definitely a transition for us. We’re trying to do so much,” said Justin Callahan, a senior and creative director. “We want to reconstruct with projects for more Suffolk clubs. We want to remain busy and give students more client-based work.”

With two e-board members in their senior year and freshmen making the majority of members, Callahan explained WSUB is “trying to build a foundation for a solid club with the resources it needs.”

“We really have to teach [the freshmen] on the fly. We have them playing around with the equipment and shooting a promo video for the club.”

The e-board and active members gather weekly to discuss pitches and production. “Meetings are extremely creative,” said Marino. “Ideas range all across the board.”

Photo courtesy of Mason Marino

Over the course of a few meetings, everyone in attendance figures out what is due soonest, organizes ideas, and plans scripts and story lines. Video production, shooting and editing follow in the process.
“We’ve been emphasizing the whole [pre-production, production] format,” said Callahan, “including idea pitching sessions, brainstorming as a group, and giving the client the final product.”

“It’s a shame more [Suffolk] organizations haven’t come to us,” he said. “We produce higher quality and more professional content than a web video you wing yourself.”

Marino said there is currently nothing in the works in terms of TV, but they do have access to the 73 Tremont studio. Current work consists mostly film in addition to filming games at the TD Garden. “We don’t discourage anything. We encourage everything.”

After the recent, second annual winter film festival, the spring campus movie festival, co-sponsored by WSUB, is on its way. Participating students will create teams and are given equipment including cameras, laptops, tripods, and microphones to produce a five minute film about anything. Winners are selected for categories such as best picture, comedy and drama.

“If you’re into production, [WSUB] is the way to get started to learn the tools and get insight for the future,” said Callahan, “especially for the freshmen before they take film classes.”

“We put out the word we train broadcast journalism, film, anything. We teach all we know,” said Marino. “It is something for students wanting to find something new,” said Marino. “It’s great to find some talent that students don’t know they have.”