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OPINION: Frank Ocean leaves fans disappointed after Coachella


I’m usually quick to run for Frank Ocean’s defense. I’ve been a huge fan for a while and could not wait to see him perform at Coachella this year, even if only via livestream. But this time his behavior was just disrespectful. 

Fans started camping out as early as 8 a.m., potentially waiting for over 12 hours in the California heat of the desert to see Ocean, whose performance closed the festival on Sunday evening as a headliner. 

It was the first time he performed in over six years, but in the end, most were beyond disappointed. 

Fans on social media claimed that Ocean was over an hour late, starting his set on a chaotic stage, dominated by giant video screens that he hid behind, making it nearly impossible for fans to see him. 

His performance was accompanied by a bunch of people bizarrely pacing in a circle on stage and a random DJ set of 10 minutes that interrupted Ocean’s show. 

Allegedly, there is an explanation for all this. According to Festive Owl, the original stage production was supposed to include an ice rink and ice skaters skating around him and the band during their set. However, this set was changed seemingly last minute.

TMZ and The Rolling Stone reported that this was all due to an ankle injury that he suffered the week leading up to the festival. 

“After suffering an injury to his leg on festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1. Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show but was still intent on performing, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity,” said a press release from Frank Ocean.

It also does not explain him hiding behind the stage and low energy performance overall. His fans felt so disappointed and scammed that many left the concert early. 

Some fans came to his defense, saying we should have compassion as Ocean is struggling with mental health issues, especially since his brother died.

Justin Bieber voiced his support of Ocean, stating that it was a form of art and he was “deeply moved.” 

Art is not an excuse to disappoint your fans who, at the end of the day, are the reason you are even there. 

I understand people having a bad day, and I have compassion for Ocean’s mental health issues and certainly an injury, but behavior like this is plain disrespectful.  

Many people are involved in a performance as big as Coachella. The ice skaters rehearsed for months, probably super excited to show their skills, just to be told that they will just pace up and down the stage for an hour.

Ocean let down his fans, who waited for hours and paid a fortune for tickets, some coming to the festival only to see him. He also canceled his performance for the second Coachella weekend due to his injury, according to Complex, leaving his fans hanging again. 

Overall, Ocean didn’t even achieve the bare minimum, which shows lack of respect for his fans and workers.

I believe it is possible to still be a fan and enjoy his music, but it is still important to hold celebrities accountable for misbehavior.

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About the Contributor
Lina Gildenstern, Graduate Staff Writer | she/her
Lina is an applied politics graduate student from Duesseldorf, Germany. Next to international politics and writing, her passion is dancing, where she frequently competes in battles and performs in shows. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga, running, and listening to Beyonce. She hopes to work as a political journalist or for an NGO after graduation.

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OPINION: Frank Ocean leaves fans disappointed after Coachella