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OPINION: The opinion section is an escape

OPINION: The opinion section is an escape
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Imagine you’re walking toward Sawyer on a cloudy Tuesday morning. Steam is spilling out of manholes and into your lungs in a stifling cloud of dewy chemicals you can’t identify (nor really want to). 

A Subaru with a Lyft sticker peeling from its windshield nearly clips your stained Jansport as you cross the street toward Miller. You don’t quite register the piercing horn and swears sent your way out the driver’s window. 

Instead,  you’re preoccupied with hopes and prayers that a long line won’t keep you from scoring a sacred double chocolate muffin – the only thing you can stomach on campus. 

With brown crumbs staining the inside of a mask that has been going strong for four days, you waddle through the crowd of sleep-deprived students toward the elevator buttons. You wonder how many COVID-19 clad fingers have pressed to go to the 9th floor before you, yet we all know you won’t wash your hand until well after your morning coffee has made its way down south at an alarming pace – so much so that you need to briskly leave your second class of the day to address the issue. 

As you walk back to class relieved and revived, a thought strikes your mind. Wait, no, scratch that – an opinion. 

Biden’s latest speech gave you a striking sense of hope for the future, or a creeping case of the heebee-jeebees. Chartwells finally served something delicious AND nutritious, or another dreadful meal that makes you want to knock down President Kelly’s door just to ask “Why?” You want to praise SGA for passing a resolution that could have an important impact on campus, or condemn their lack of action on… a lot of things. 

You want to share your experience or perspective as a student of color, athlete, international student or commuter to help the student body better understand how to support peers like you. You want to tell people what you think, but don’t know where to say it. 

That’s where The Suffolk Journal comes in. 

The Journal welcomes students and staff of all backgrounds to share their opinions in the pages of our newspaper and online. We want to know what you have to say, but more importantly, we want to help you share your voice with the rest of campus. You can write an opinion piece on practically whatever you like, so long as it does not contain any hate speech, of course. 

This is a place for the members of the Suffolk community to keep up with and interact with each other, including through the distribution of thoughts and opinions. 

So please, if you have an opinion on a current event, aspect of Suffolk or your personal experience, send it our way at [email protected]. All we ask is that the piece be about 500-800 words and include links to sources to back up any facts you might find to enhance your argument. 

If you don’t want to write as long of a piece, you can send your thoughts in to be published as a Letter to the Editor. We are here to help you through the idea process of your piece all the way through the editing and publishing phases when it goes in our newspaper, on our website and social media, or both. 

Please email us with any questions or opinions. We’re always here to help.

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Caroline Enos, Editor-in-Chief | she/her
Caroline is a senior from Gloucester, Mass. She is majoring in print/web journalism and minoring in political science. Caroline was formerly a news editor for The Journal, is currently a correspondent at the Boston Globe and was also a correspondent at The Gloucester Daily Times. When she isn't stressing over deadlines, Caroline spends her time drawing and listening to good music. Follow Caroline on Twitter @CarolineEnos Email her at [email protected]

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OPINION: The opinion section is an escape