OPINION: Balance is essential to students’ wellbeing

We fill our schedule with classes, clubs and part-time jobs, as well as time to socialize with friends and classmates. Finding how to balance and maintain all of these aspects of life is difficult for all college students, including myself. 

There will never be a perfect way for every student to balance their schedule effectively. However, we should find ways to ensure we are allowing ourselves enough time for work, school and socializing, while also taking care of ourselves. 

The majority of students in the Suffolk University community want to challenge themselves as much as we possibly can, despite the great amount of time that will take up. We’re faced with a wide variety of opportunities to expand our leadership and involvement on campus through the more than 80 clubs that are offered.

Along with being involved in clubs, around 1,500 students are employed through a campus job every year. Many other students work part-time jobs and internships off-campus as well. 

Personally, I am faced with the struggle of trying to balance my schedule every week. I am in four different clubs and hold a leadership position in three. I work in an office on campus and am always actively looking for an internship or job to expand my experience in my potential career field. Also, I am taking honors level courses along with the other courses for my major. 

With such a busy schedule, I find that I am constantly having to choose what events to go to for clubs and also having to tell my friends I don’t have time to hang out with them. Having to miss out on certain opportunities I can’t fit into my schedule tends to make me feel left out most times. Approximately 75% of college students are experiencing this same struggle, according to a study conducted by Baylor University

Students should adopt methods to find a healthy balance. For example, students could set aside days of the week in which they only spend completely specific tasks. This method is something I use when it comes to working and studying. Although sometimes it is stressful to try to fit work and assignments into that time, I know that afterward I will have downtime for myself. 

I know many students can relate to my struggle of finding the time I need to relax and focus on myself. I find it difficult to work time into my schedule for exercising and relaxing while also being a leader on campus. However, it is important that we are finding the time. Exercise and rest are both proven to help reduce stress for college students because it is a time for our body to reset and recharge, as well as prepare for whatever else we have to do in a day, according to Timely MD

Many students, including myself, tend to overwork themselves and fill their schedules to the point of not having downtime for themselves. We need to make our wellbeing a priority and ensure we are taking care of ourselves in ways we can relax. We also need to give ourselves time to have fun during college. Being extremely busy makes balancing your schedule nearly impossible.