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Review: Aaron Paul revives iconic ‘Breaking Bad’ role

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Notoriously foul mouthed meth cook Jesse Pinkman’s story didn’t end with the series finale of “Breaking Bad” six years ago. “El Camino,” a Netflix original film, follows the events immediately after the TV show’s epic conclusion.

Writer, producer and director Vince Gilligan transitions the story into a full length feature through a script filled with call backs to the original show, beautiful cinematography and an exceptional cast led by Aaron Paul, who reprises his fan favorite role of Jesse, the junkie turned chemist.

Having escaped from Uncle Jack and his gang after Walter White saves him in his dying act, Jesse is now on the run from the police. They have uncovered the true identity of Heisenberg and are looking for Jesse in connection with his crimes.

Jesse races all over town, visiting faces old and new while constantly fighting off flashbacks from his time in captivity. Paul’s performance speaks to his incredible acting ability as he is able to portray a broken shell of a man without ever losing the aspects of Jesse that made the character so alluring when the show started.

If it had not been for Paul’s talent and chemistry with “Breaking Bad” co-star Bryan Cranston, the character of Jesse Pinkman would’ve been killed off in season one as show writers had originally planned. Ten years later, he is now the main character in the “Breaking Bad” movie, which speaks for itself.

“El Camino” offers viewers a unique opportunity to pull back the curtain and see exactly what transpired after their favorite show last aired. So often with popular series, the finale is a point of controversy: “Lost,” “The Sopranos” and recently “Game of Thrones” have left fans split over their endings.

This presents a rare chance for a wonderfully crafted universe to expand and try one more time at getting the ending just right.

While admirers of the show will undoubtedly be left wanting more, there is no denying the amount of proper fan service and nostalgia driven satisfaction that there is to be gained from this film.

From Badger and Skinny always having Jesse’s back, to the eclectic junkyard owner Old Joe exclaiming “MAGNETS” there are moments in this film that will just feel right for “Breaking Bad” aficionados.

Many fans of the series will also notice Gilligan’s calling card, the cinematography, on full display. Many shots are seen through objects, such as when a character opens a cabinet, the audience sees the scene as if they were watching from inside the cabinet.

While the plot is sometimes lacking, the acting never falters. Despite a few missteps and what might be called a disappointing cameo, the film is still strong enough to be considered a worthy addition to the already infamous storyline.

“El Camino” is currently streaming on Netflix, along with the entirety of the “Breaking Bad” series.

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Review: Aaron Paul revives iconic ‘Breaking Bad’ role