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Editor’s word: Post-Election

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Post-election events have seen a string of reactions from universities across the nation. Many students in the United States, as well as those studying abroad, have felt the shake of the silent majority rock the nation into a shocking, and otherwise, unexpected win for the president-elect Donald Trump. For The Suffolk Journal, we look to those who were involved in this such silent community of voters and students.

In no way will The Journal censor an opinion article or letter to the Editor that looks to display support that does not align with the majority of our readers’ views. Instead, we encourage it.

Clearly, from the results of this election, the silent majority has thought that they have not been able to project their voice for a number of reasons that were spoken on after the results came through in the early hours last Wednesday and arguably shown in those results.

The Journal asks you, the Suffolk community, to now submit pieces and letters to our editorial board for publication. We The Journal, and the nation, need your voice now more than ever.

Alexa Gagosz,


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Alexa Gagosz, Previous Editor-in-Chief

Current Editor-in-Chief of The Suffolk Journal, fighter for equality and former World News Editor. Most likely found in The Journal's office, getting lost...

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  1. Joseph Abraham Polayes on November 16th, 2016 3:49 pm

    I feel what is key for individuals to remember within any election, including past, present or future elections to come, is to simply be informed. The majority of individuals I have spoken with or seen reactions from whether in person or on social media are stating the identical ideologies about how “scared” they may be about the new president-elect or commenting that Donald Trump is “NOT” their president. But all of these responses reflect that the person may be in a sense of pure and utter denial. The fact is, he was elected as our new president-elect and we need to accept that reality. Moving forward, its important to ensure that individuals around us within our community here at Suffolk University and as a nation maintain unity. Just because we may have a president who we feel doesn’t represent our beliefs, moral standards, religion, respect for others, etc. DOES NOT mean that we have to in turn become like that. We all have a choice as individuals, to act the way we want, believe in what we feel is right and voice our opinion. America is still a Democracy, its not like overnight that crumbled and we became a dictatorship. Trump may be one voice, but we are many.

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Editor’s word: Post-Election