Letter to the editor: Stop both Clinton and Trump

Recently, the New Hampshire Union Leader ran a front page editorial endorsing the Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld. Thank you for the foresight and intelligence to realize this is the only way a Fiscal Conservative can be elected President.
The demographics in this country favor electing a Democrat to office, and Trump’s blunders only solidifies the eventuality of electing Clinton. Clinton is untrustworthy. She is a Fiscal Liberal who could stack the Supreme Court with her political ideology. Trump is disorganized and temperamental, and he is unqualified to be President.
If the Libertarian ticket can pull enough electoral votes from Clinton and Trump to prevent either one from getting 270 electoral votes, the U.S. House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republicans, will elect the next President.
Vote for the Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld. They are Fiscal Conservatives who are experienced government executives and are highly qualified to run this country.