Equal pay day: Will it be any different next year?

Patrick Holmes

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On average, it takes a woman 15 months to earn what a man makes in a year, which is yet another example of the gender pay gap that may occupies the minds of millions. The annual Equal Pay Day symbolizing the day to which a woman would make the same wage as a man shows this. Yesterday, April 12 was Equal Pay Day and many were talking about it.

One of the most influential voices was President Barack Obama who said, “The pay gap between men and women offends our values as Americans, and as long as it exists, our businesses, our communities, and our Nation will suffer the consequences,” according to The Huffington Post.

If Obama can’t see the United States moving forward because of the gender pay gap, then something must change. It’s not fair that a woman makes 79 cents to every dollar a man makes for the same amount of work. Even further, woman of color and mothers have a greater pay gap. The statistics are shown on the website for the White House.

Luckily, many Americans seem to agree that women should be paid the same wage as men, and I do too. If there is no notable difference in the job besides the gender of the person who fills it, then they should receive the same pay.

Furthermore, without missing a beat, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton took the initiative yesterday to address the gender pay gap by saying, “The failure to ensure equal pay for women also impacts families and the broader economy,” according to The Washington Post.

I don’t think many people outwardly appreciate that women have families as well and they are a part of the U.S. economy. Women are just as much of an asset as men. The only difference between men and women is biological.

Clinton made a valid point about how everyday products do not cost less for women so why should they be paid less? It’s absurd that a mere biological difference dictates your worth. The gender pay gap has no reason to exist, but people can be ignorant to something that doesn’t directly affect them.

It helps that Clinton is a woman herself and has experienced this discrimination throughout her entire life so she is very educated and experienced on this subject. Moreover, it helps that President Obama is on the same side as Clinton.

Obama told companies on Friday that they must hand over salary data to the White House based on race, gender and ethnicity, according to The Washington Post. This data would allow for lawsuits and investigations into companies that pay women significantly less than men. Also, this request does not need congressional approval.

This is a step in the right direction for without action, no problem can be corrected, at least not in a professional and safe manner.

Equal Pay Day was a day to be noticed in its totality so that the issue of the gender pay gap can be terminated.Without the proper knowledge, an issue as great as this cannot be corrected.

It is imperative that leaders of the U.S. support the decision to give women the equality they deserve in the economy. Without the support from prominent leaders and otheras alike, the gap between men and women’s pay will never be bridged.