Expecto a golden snitch

Sam Humphrey and Sharyn Gladstone

This upcoming weekend, the Performing Arts Office will be putting on its annual dinner theatre production.

Based off of the Harry Potter franchise, “Magic, Muggles and Murder” aims to equally delight fans of the world of Hogwarts and those less familiar with the series.

“I think it’s going to be a bit of lighthearted, silly fun as we head into finals time at the end of the semester, so it’s something we can all use a bit of, and I hope everyone comes to see it,” said Kristen Baker, director of the Performing Arts Office.

The event is “an interactive murder mystery in which dinner is served by the cast,” Baker said.

The actors will split their time between performing and interacting with audience members while still in character, “which is what makes it unique and so much fun,” Baker said.

A take on the Harry Potter series, the performance will follow “Hogsnorts” students Harry Plotter, Hermione Ganglier, and Ronald Measley through “a series of adventures, one of which involves a murder, and the mystery needs to be solved,” Baker said.

“Magic, Muggles and Murder” was written by Suffolk alumna Christina Panagiotakos, who participated in several dinner theatres during her time at Suffolk, according to Baker.

As the show was previously performed while Panagiotakos was still a student at Suffolk, this year’s script is a “revamped version with extra characters, extra songs, and multiple endings,” Baker said.

Baker feels “people who are Harry Potter fans will really enjoy some of the jokes. I think if you’re not that familiar with the Harry Potter world, you’re still going to very much enjoy it. There’s really something for everybody [in the play.]”

Each dinner theatre has a different theme every year, Baker said. Past theatres have been held on a campaign trail, in a diner along Route 66, and during a 1980s prom. Many of the scripts are original and were written by alumni.

“The type of people who enjoy doing theatre dinners are the types who keep coming back and back and back,” she said. “So we’ve had a couple of different plays written by alums and we love to produce those.”

Baker said she is excited about the cast in this year’s performance.

Christina Twombly, a senior who has been in several other dinner theatres, plays Headmaster Stumblesnore in this year’s production. Baker is particularly excited to see new faces in the cast as well.

“Some people who have never done a dinner theatre before are in it this year, so that’s really exciting for us,” said Baker. “ We’re initiating a bunch of new people into the world of dinner theatre as well.”

Baker estimated that this is the PAO’s 15th dinner theatre, an annual event that has been around since its founding in 1999.

Tickets are on sale in PAO located in Donahue 409. The performances will be held Nov. 19 to Nov. 21 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Donahue Café.