Senior Year Bucket List

Hello lovely readers! So this is an article for all the Seniors out there. The Spring semester is coming up, and for many of us this will be our last semester at Suffolk, so I figured I’d come up with a bucket list of things to do before we leave Suffolk!

  1. look at Grad Schools/think about life after college

Now it’s senior year and we’re all stressing about classes, midterms, and just generally getting through college. However it’s also important to be thinking about the future, as scary as that may sound. I’m sure everyone’s been asking “so, what are your plans after college?” by this point, but it’s actually a question you should really think about. There are so many options available once you graduate college, and it’s good to be educated about all of them. You could apply to Grad School as soon as you graduate, or wait a bit and get some “real life” experience working. Some Grad Schools have different requirements, and it’s important to know what they are. There are also programs like City Year which you can apply to as soon as you graduate. Even if you don’t end up doing any of these it’s still good to know all the options you have. Having some kind of plan in place for once you graduate will be so helpful to you, and even if that plan changes partially or even completely, it’s still good to have something there.

  1. Take a fun class/join a fun club

By the time many of us are Seniors we’ve gotten either all of our requirements done, or we only have one or two classes left in our major/gen eds and are just looking for any class to take. Why not take a class that’s fun. Take a look around at the classes we’re offering in the Spring and take something you would never normally take. It’ll give you a wider perspective on things, you’ll meet new people and it’s fun to see everything we have to offer at Suffolk. And if you can’t take a fun class, why not check out any of the clubs we have. It’s never too late to get involved with something, and you’ll meet awesome people who share your interests.

  1. Go to somewhere new in Boston

Boston has so much to offer. Whether it’s the North End, Fenway Park, the Garden, the Emerald Necklace, there are so many places to go. Take advantage of all the city has to offer and go someplace you’ve never been before. Never been to a game at the Garden? Why not get some friends together and pick a night and go. Want to see a touring musical? Student tickets are usually available and are usually pretty affordable. There are also so many free things to do in the city, and especially if you’re a student. Don’t miss your chance because there is so much to do and you don’t want to miss you on it.

  1. Thank someone

Everyone who has gone to Suffolk has had someone that helped them along the way. Whether it was that one professor in that class you took Freshman year, that one advisor you went to, or even an RA or fellow student, I am sure that everyone has at least one person that has helped them during their time at Suffolk. Why not take some time and thank them? That person may not know the effect they had on you, and I know it will mean the world to them that you thanked them.

So there it is, my suggestion for a Senior bucket list. This is by no means an extensive list, and I’m sure there’s at least one thing I left out. Have a suggestion for something to add? Why not let us know!