Divorced Christian tries to define marriage

By Patrick Holmes


The media is a great way to spread news quickly. It is a great tool to make people notice things and form an opinion about them.

But it is not a great way to give Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, a following and too much fame.

I would be surprised if anyone  in the LGBTQ community didn’t recognized her name after her actions have caused such a significant public unrest.

Every day there is a new article about her and her antics. As a gay man, the daily articles about Davis have become personal. Davis is using her fame to persecute the LGBTQ community, specifically the couples in Kentucky, by fighting to deny them their rights.

With Davis being so widely covered by the media lately, it is giving her an ego boost that she does not need. The press needs to stop giving her so much attention because with it, she is gaining some sort of backing from supporters.

Davis is a stubborn woman with a faith so new to her that it seems that she doesn’t fully understand it. She has been a Christian for only four years, and yet, in her lifetime she has been married four times. Now, who is destroying the sanctity of marriage?

Kim Davis served as a Chief Deputy Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky from 1991 to 2015. Courtesy Kim Davis, Rowan County Clerk’s Facebook.

Her background aside, Davis shows no intent on giving up on her beliefs. She sends appeal after appeal to the courts to allow her to keep refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples and is continuously denied. You would think Davis would get the point by now. After all, she spent five days in jail for her dastardly deeds. But still Davis attempts to defy the law due to her newly found and misguided faith in God.

“After returning to her job on Sept. 14 as the Rowan County clerk, the filing said, Davis ‘immediately’ began meddling with licenses that the office’s deputy clerk, Brian Mason, was issuing,” according to NBC news.

Aside from the legality of her actions as clerk, one thing I just can’t understand is her sheer stubbornness, how she can be so set in her ways that she cannot accept the idea that anyone should be able to marry whomever they love.

One day, hopefully there will be no Kim Davis and there will be no opposition. But until that day, the LGBTQ community must fight against Davis and her supporters to win the efforts that have been shown throughout the years to progress LGBTQ rights.

The fight is not yet over but the publicity that Davis is receiving is too much. It is more detrimental than it is helpful. It gives her a sense of heroism that she does not need. She is no hero.