Making the most of my last year at Suffolk

Everyone has a dream they want to make a reality in their lifetime. My dream of graduating from a four-year university will happen very soon. It is my senior year and I have only nine months left to leave my own mark on Suffolk.

To make the most of my final year, I made a bucket list of things to accomplish before I graduate. All of my goals reflect the ideas of taking a risk, going out of my comfort zone, and facing one of my fears.

Before college, I overcame stage fright by reciting poetry to large groups. At Suffolk, I major in English with a concentration in creative writing, focusing mainly on poetry. Fortunately, each year I have been able to recite my poetry at campus events.

At the top of my list is to perform at Fall Fest because it is one of the biggest performing arts shows of the year. I am currently preparing a poem to use in my audition in October. Even if I do not get into the show, I will be happy to say I tried and and be able to check it off my bucket list.

I also want to connect with one or more of my professors. College prepares you for a career where you will be financially secure and mentally satisfied, and recommendations are absolutely crucial for applying to jobs or graduate school. These applications will be far less stressful knowing that you have connections with professors who can help you, especially those within your major. You never know if a professor can help you unless you talk to them outside of class, and develop that professional relationship that will stay intact long after you graduate.

Suffolk hosts many events, and this year I plan to attend a lot more, especially the ones at night. As a commuter student, I didn’t want to go home, change clothes, and come back, so I avoided nighttime events. I want to go to a lot more events this year because networking is very important, and solidifying new relationships will help me after graduation.

For instance, Cooking 101 is a great event that shows students how to cook meals on a college budget and exposes you to dishes from Latin, African, and Asian cuisines. Other events like Coffee Hour with the Office of Diversity Services, sports games at the new athletic complex in East Boston, community service opportunities, and events run by the Alumni Association and Career Development Center are beneficial, too.

Something that is just as beneficial is my Ram card which I intend to use a lot more often while I still have it. When I was a freshman, I was excited to finally get college student discounts to music and theater shows. Now, as a senior, I will definitely go to a lot more events in Boston before they disappear and I have to pay the full price of everything in the real world.

Something on my list, that most people want, is to meet and get to know more of my classmates. It used to bother me that I did not get a chance to know at least two or three people in my classes, even after being in the same class with them for months. But now, three weeks into the first semester of senior year, I love my classes and hope the people I meet will want to engage in conversations with me as well.

Finally, to all my fellow seniors, I highly recommend creating a bucket list of things to do while you’re still at Suffolk and taking full advantage of the opportunities our school offers us. Even if you are not a senior, creating a list now will enhance your time at Suffolk and in Boston. Don’t be afraid to add some fun and outrageous things that you can do during your time here, especially goals that will take you out of your comfort zone. My risk-taking goals that I succeeded throughout my last three years were the most rewarding.

For me, I just want to enjoy being a senior, and I’m excited for what’s to come.