We all have the ability to say it. It’s the word we probably heard most as a child, but why is it so hard sometimes?

At Suffolk, you are highly encouraged to get involved: “Audition for a show, see a show, join a club, start a club, come to this event, we’re offering free food!” And if you’re like me, I say yes to ALL of it. Because of this, my days are filled. In one day, I could have class, a club meeting, class, rehearsal, then class, then a show, doing homework and attempting to eat in between. In fact, you may say that was my Thursday.

But why?
Why do we put ourselves through this madness? Well, I don’t know why you do, but I have a gnarly combination of enjoyment of being busy and being a people pleaser.

So what?
It’s a balancing act. It is important to get involved, you make friends, build connections, learn some times. But you can’t be afraid to say no sometimes. And this applies to more than student involvement. If your friend ask you to go to a party, but you’re worn out from the day. Don’t feel like you have to say yes just because you’re free or like you have to make an excuse. Just say no.

Do Something For You.
Take an hour out of your day each day and something just because you want to. Exercise, explore, TAKE A NAP, read a book, watch TV, cook, WHATEVER YOU WANT! I picked up running

You’re in college. You (or someone you’re related to or know) is paying a great deal of money for you to be here. Respect that. Earn your degree. Say no so you can do homework, study or, at minimum, GO TO CLASS! It’s so enticing to have adult freedom, but you have to respect it.

There is nothing wrong with saying yes, but for your health and sanity, sometimes, JUST SAY NO!