Summer housing plans to draw in students

Ryan Dawson

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With summer right around the corner, Suffolk is preparing for another summer session. Since it was originally proposed by senior administration at Suffolk University, the summer sessions have continually grown each year, leading to the addition of affordable on-campus housing for this summer’s session.

This summer, Suffolk is expecting between 70 and 100 students to take advantage of more than 250 reduced tuition summer classes and reduced on campus housing.

Housing for summer students comes at attractive pricing and a convenient location. This summer the housing will be located at the 10 West dorms, which are located right next to the Park Street Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority station. With the recent closing of Government Center Station, Park Street station has effectively become a hub of public transportation in downtown Boston.

To qualify for housing, students must take at least six credits worth of classes.

“It’s a very attractive rate, when you break it down by the day, it’s $25 dollars,” said Rod Waters, the director of residential life at Suffolk.

By nature, many students have mixed feelings on paying another expense. Especially, since most students have little to no funds to begin with, which resulted in the creation of affordable summer courses and campus housing.

“Depending on what you may need, it would definitely be cheaper than living off campus,” Waters said. “In the sense of, it already includes: heat, hot water, cable, Internet, which for most students living off-campus it would be an extra cost.”

While living on campus, students will also have access to the Miller Hall Dining Hall, with the added bonus of having breakfast included in the rate of a room.

“I think that students currently residing in an apartment, where their lease goes over the summer, this is a very attractive option, so that they would not be tied to a lease untill September,” Waters said.

Besides offering reduced housing and tuition, Suffolk is working with student leadership to offer summer activities for both students living in the dorms and those living off-campus, Waters said. Some of the proposed events include: Red Sox games, trips to shopping outlets, and movie nights in the dorm.  The university will also be hiring about 20 CAs (Summer Resident Assistants).

All of the information regarding summer sessions can be found at

The university has sent a school-wide email was sent to reach out to students in order to pique their interest in living on campus this summer. The deadline for registering is April 15.