Children’s shows should embrace gay characters

The group One Million Moms are at it again and this time it is targeting the Disney Channel. 

Of course it is — because the Disney Channel just screams depravity and un-wholesome viewing for children. Its outrage is directed at a show aimed at children called Good Luck Charlie, a show that has decided to include a same-sex married couple in one of its upcoming episodes.

One Million Moms is against this — despite the fictional couple in question consisting of two mothers.

Regarding the issue, a member of One Million Moms wrote:

“Alerting all parents! If Good Luck Charlie goes through with introducing LGBT content, then the floodgates will be opened for all programs on the Disney Channel – a trend that will be almost impossible to stop.

An upcoming episode in this last season of Good Luck Charlie will feature a family with two moms, a first for Disney Channel. Because Good Luck Charlie is coming to a close, the characters are only expected to appear in one episode. However, one episode is enough, especially since the network repeatedly airs reruns of all its programs.

One Million Moms launched an email campaign in 2013 that urged Disney officials to abandon their plans to corrupt the children’s network with LGBT content.  However, Disney officials have not responded to the thousands of emails protesting their plans. Disney has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming.  Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda.

Conservative families need to urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend. This is the last place a parent would expect their children to be confronted with topics that are too difficult for them to understand. Mature issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and it is extremely unnecessary.”

(Photo by Flickr user sbwoodside)

Considering its nature, there are a number of problematic mentions in this note. Most alarming is the idea that the Disney Channel is pushing an “agenda” by presenting LGBTQ characters. Despite the introduction, the channel still is not close to any form of equal representation, but it is an attempt and that has to be appreciated when it seems that the cause is moving at glacial speed. It is not a liberal agenda to try and create a LGBTQ representative channel; it’s a move that shows a willingness to change with the times. It shouldn’t be shocking news to have a gay character on television, even a television show geared towards youth. It isn’t corrupting young minds; it’s telling them that a child can have two moms or two dads and creating an accepting mindset at an early age so that they do not grow with the same prejudices and hate as the members of One Million Moms. It is a good step for the kid friendly channel to take and I could only hope that more channels would follow suit, with a want to breed acceptance and love and open minds from an early age. Children should have a willingness to accept, learn, grow and know that groups such as One Million Moms are nothing but fear mongers and ignorance shouters who feel the need to dispel their ill thought pre-conceived notions onto the listening world.