STUDENT FEATURE: Matthew Eriksen

This InstaRam feature of the week is Matt Eriksen. He is being featured for his involvement off campus doing extra work for locally shot movies. Below is a link to help you find out how you too can be involved!


INSTARAM: What is your major/year?

MATTHEW ERIKSEN: Advertising and Theatre/2015

What kinds of activities are you involved in on campus?

ERIKSEN: On campus I am involved heavily in the Office of Orientation and New Student Programs. Last summer I was an Orientation leader, last fall I was a Teaching Assistant for SU101 and starting last month I earned the title of Family Orientation Scholar for the 2013 academic and summer session school year. I also have held an internship with the Office of Marketing and Communications here at Suffolk where I work as a design intern in the print and advertising departments. I most recently got involved with the Caribbean Student Union through their upcoming fashion show, it should be a good time.

Explain the work you do with Boston Casting.

ERIKSEN: Through my account with Agency Pro, I’ve worked on several movies filmed here in Boston. I have been an extra for RIPD, Crooked Arrows, The Makeover, Here Comes the Boom, and Ted.

How did you get involved with Boston Casting?

ERIKSEN: I got involved with Boston Casting while in high school. I was in a community service group called “For Jake’s Sake” which is a non-profit organization that raises money for children with autism. At an event for this group, there was a raffle which included a free gift certificate for a class with Boston Casting. With the help of his friends and family, I won! I took a class with Angela Peri (the founder of Boston Casting) and she encouraged him to join Agency Pro.

Random last question – Do you want to bring sexy back?

Matt: I already did.

Matt also has a profile on IMDB, check it out!



For more information on casting in Boston: