iPhone 5C is inexpensive, unique alternative to 5S

By: Gabby Pinto

On Friday, Sept. 20, millions of people lined up in front of Apple stores around the world to get their hands on the new iPhone. This time Apple released not just one but two new iPhones including the colorful iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C is not very different from the IPhone 5. It’s just as fast, equipped with the same A6 processor and the same 8MP rear-facing camera. It does contain an improved front-facing camera and more support for wireless LTE bands. What makes this iPhone stand out is the colors. For the first time since the iPhone 3GS in 2009, Apple went back to using plastic and designed the shell in five colors: white, green, blue, pink and yellow. The 5C completely replaces the iPhone 5, and the 8GB IPhone 4S is now available free on contract. This glossy new iPhone costs $99 for the 16GB model with a two year contract and $199 for a 32GB model on contract.

Before it was released there were lots of rumors that the iPhone 5C would be a “budget phone” or the “cheap” version. In reality, this iPhone is only $100 dollars cheaper with contract than the new iPhone 5S. Some people believe this was a terrible move for Apple, but I disagree. Looking at a company like Apple, it’s easy to see that they are the best at marketing. Instead of coming out with just one phone to replace their previous model, it found a way to continue selling their previous model as if it was brand new. I had a chance to go down to the Apple store this weekend and check out the phone myself. Even with the plastic shell instead of the previous metal back, the 5C doesn’t feel like a cheap phone at all. Honestly it is a beautiful phone. Although we prefer aluminum and glass over plastic, the 5C feels solid and well-built.  The colors are bright and vibrant and I think that will definitely be the most appealing feature to customers. Comparing it with my iPhone 5 it feels slightly heavier and a bit thicker, but not by much.

The iPhone 5C comes with the iOS7 operating system and by default Apple set the background color to match the shell. Apple is offering soft silicon rubber cases that match the different colors of the phone as well.  The company is reaching the customers who prefer more customization and styling of their phones by having these small additions. The bottom line is that the iPhone 5C is an improvement and it’s good competition for the other smartphones in the market. It’s a good choice for people who are price conscious and love a dash of color.