BLOG: Freshman Advice

For those of you who haven’t been following us on Twitter for the past month or so, you’ve been missing out on our Freshman Advice tips! We’ve compiled ALL 75 here for you, plus our few extras from interacting with you all on Twitter.

If you ever need to know ANYTHING about campus, never hesitate to ask. InstaRam is here for you!

  1. Get involved!
  2. Rainboots. And, if you share a public shower…shower shoes.
  3. Learn your limits!
  4. Get the Modern sandwich at Cafe 73.
  5. Twin XL sheets. READ. XL. Not twin.
  6. Look at the list of ‘can’t haves’ in the dorm room. Things will be confiscated, even an “illegal lamp”!
  7. The friends you make in the first week will NOT be the last you’ll make at school.
  8. You do NOT have to bring food on move in day. Trust us, there are grocery stores in Boston.
  9. It may be September when you move in, but the majority of the school year is winter…Pack accordingly.
  10. On campus events usually mean “free food”. Even if you just drop by.
  11. You will have a wardrobe (closet, 2 drawers), a 3 drawer dresser, and 3 small drawers in your desk.
  12. If you’re partying, ALWAYS have a buddy you trust with you. Safety should always come first.
  13. Bring an agenda book. Read your syllabus. Put everything FROM the syllabus INTO the agenda book.
  14. If you’re a performer, audition for EVERYTHING you might want to be a part of.
  15. Did we mention…get involved?
  16. Be open to trying new things. Always. Life is boring if you’re living a rerun episode every day.
  17. Even if you think you might sleep through it, go to class. You’ll hear at least PART of the lecture.
  18. You can see the professor, and they can also see you. Stop fooling around…they’ll remember it.
  19. Be frugal with your school supplies – it’s no fun to drag those around for the 10 minute walk to class.
  20. Want to bring a laptop to class? Turn off your wifi. Your grades and your professors will be thankful.
  21. Waterproof backpack, protective pouch for your laptop, and a place to keep your room key and student ID.
  22. Heels are fashionable, but Boston has hills, cobblestone, brick, and grass. Wear sensible shoes to class.
  23. Umbrellas are your friend.
  24. Walking to class,while moving, shouldn’t be your only exercise. It’s important to move whenever you can!
  25. Prepare yourself for Halloween. We take it seriously, and it lasts ALL week.
  26. Your RAs & RDs are your friends. Seriously. And they know EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to help you.
  27. Use Sept 2 & 3 to explore the campus. You don’t have class until Sept 4!
  28. Too lazy to find out what lunch is? Check online! They even have nutrition info! 
  29. You really don’t need to bring your laptop to class, in most classes. It’s safer in your dorm!
  30. Start packing at LEAST a week before move-in, packing essentials last. You’ll be less likely to forget!
  31. Get up at LEAST an hour before your first class each day. This will give you plenty of time to get ready.
  32. The walk from West/Tremont dorms to Donahue classes is approx. 10 minutes, + a few for elevator/stairs.
  33. Attend events that interest YOU, and you’ll be more likely to meet people like YOU.
  34. It isn’t a bad idea to have a tool box & mini sewing kit…You may also make friends that way.
  35. Your professors all have office hours…for a reason. Visit, and they’ll be sure to remember you did.
  36. Play an instrument, or sing? Visit the PAO (D409), they have access to the music practice rooms!
  37. If your friend has an event going on, ATTEND IT. They’ll remember you supported them later on!
  38. Desk organizers and plastic drawers are your friend.
  39. Establish a daily routine as soon as possible. It will definitely lead to success in classes!
  40. Get to know at LEAST 1-2 others in each of your classes. It will come in handy.
  41. Watch how much processed food and starches you’re eating. They can definitely slow you down.
  42. Everything in moderation. EVERYTHING. Socializing, studying, partying, eating. Everything.
  43. Always throw out/refrigerate leftover food, and clean out the fridge regularly. Just trust me…do it.
  44. Try to do laundry at LEAST once every 2 weeks…when it piles up, it REALLY piles up…
  45. Condoms. Every time. You can get them free on campus, so you have NO excuse.
  46. As much as you miss friends back home, don’t let catching up keep you from making new ones! Find balance.
  47. Sleep. Because it’s worth it.
  48. Know how to budget your money. You’ll have a limited income – be smart about it!
  49. Set ALL ground rules with your roommates as soon as possible.
  50. Use the iPhone to your advantage.Set reminders for assignments,alarms for classes & download study aids!
  51. Don’t just throw a bad grade in the trash – meet with your professor to understand why.
  52. If you only keep healthy snacks in your dorm, you don’t have the option to eat junk when you’re lazy.
  53. Take risks, and set goals.
  54. All-nighters are never necessary if you plan ahead.
  55. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.
  56. Any textbook you buy…from anywhere…can be sold back to the school at the end of the semester.
  57. Know future you. Will future you want to do that project? Probably not. Plan ahead for future you.
  58. Ballotti Learning Center offers AWESOME aids to help you reach your potential – plan a visit.
  59. You don’t have time to be sick – get a flu shot, wash your hands, don’t share drinks.
  60. Roommate problems will never go away on their own. Deal with them early…and not with a sticky note.
  61. It’s your roommate’s room as much as it is yours. Consider that with visitors, cleanliness & noise.
  62. Need a spot to de-stress? Your Suffolk ID gets you into the Museum of Fine Arts for free.
  63. Tired of eating junk in your dorm? By the Haymarket T stop, there is a Farmer’s Market every weekend!
  64. If you have a work-study, USE IT. It’s steady income, flexible hours, and you can do homework during!
  65. I’ve asked a bunch of people what they wish they knew before they came to college..#1 answer? BUDGETING.
  66. Be aware, alcohol DOES have calories. Be wary, but never EVER drink on an empty stomach!
  67. Learn how to do laundry BEFORE you leave home. Also, detergent is costly in the city. Plan ahead.
  68. Time management skills. Just know ahead of time what you need to accomplish and by when…you’ll be fine!
  69. Dating in college – Don’t seek it out. Just be yourself and make friends. It will come on its own.
  70. If you haven’t packed yet, start now, or you’ll forget something. When packing – less is more.
  71. Moving out, though exciting, can be surprisingly sad. Spend a little time with your family before you go
  72. Coffee and Red Bull are not replacements for real, actual sleep. Sleep, for real. Just do it.
  73. Treat college like a job.
  74. Keep up in class. Do the readings. Study the material. Do it all on or ahead of time.
  75. Our final tip! Don’t take anything too seriously. Be safe. Be open minded. Leave comfort. Stay awesome.

Extra Tips:

  • Buy your textbooks before your first classes, USED, from online dealers…Cheaper, and fully prepared!
  • You can find out which books you need for classes from the Suffolk Bookstore website – but shop around for prices!
  • Don’t forget to keep up with our account during the school year…We often have easy-to-win contests with prizes…
  • Freshmen getting ready for the dorms – Reslife has sent out an AWESOME list of what to and not to pack!
  • Learn how the MBTA works! On your way to Fenway it’s good to know all but ONE green line train will take you there.
  • When packing, bring EXTRA hangers. If you’re like me, you’ll accumulate more clothes during the year. #suffolk17