NSTARAM: What is your major/year?
STEPHIE KAY: Psychology Major, Junior

What activities are you involved in on and off campus?
KAY: I’m always at Improv Asylum, performing with Seriously Bent, working at Second-Language Services and as a Research Assistant in Psychology Department. I can also be found running or eating all of the foods in Boston.

Stephie Kay

How did you find your way around campus? What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen?
KAY: I found my way around campus by taking myself on a walking tour, asking my Orientation Leader and other people around campus. Most people are very

friendly and willing to help. I would advise incoming freshmen to get involved as early as possible on and off campus, your time in the city will fly by and it’s important to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can. Also, stay busy. Boston has too much to offer to sit inside and Netflix.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Suffolk?
KAY: My greatest accomplishment at Suffolk is going to Chicago with Seriously Bent for the National Improv Tournament and placing 4th overall. I am very proud of that.

Random Question: What is the worst outfit you’ve ever worn in public?
KAY: The worst (and best) outfit I have ever worn in public was when I dressed up as a loofah for last years Halloween. It was awesome and insane all at the same time.