Alex Pappas at Suffolk University's Dayglow. He made us use this picture.

INSTARAM: What is your major/year?
ALEX PAPPAS: Theatre and Public Relations, 2015 (Junior)

What activities are you involved in on and off campus?
PAPPAS: I’m a member of Sketchual Misconduct (the sketch comedy troupe on campus), and was in numerous Theatre Department productions.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen?
PAPPAS: Just be yourself, and people will respect that. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and get out and take advantage of what the city has to offer. Drink plenty of water

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Suffolk?
PAPPAS: It’s a tie between three…Getting cast in a production every semester (including a Boston Premiere and getting to work with Judy Braha), meeting Bill Murray at Ford Hall Forum, and performing at ImprovBoston with Sketchual Misconduct.

Random question – What’s one thing you can do that nobody at school knows about?
PAPPAS: Impressions. Lots of them.