STUDENT FEATURE: Samienta Pierre-Vil, Our SGA President

SGA (Student-Government Association) just had their elections – we may have voted for our friends, but how many of us know anything beyond what we’ve heard through our friends? How DOES SGA help us out around campus? We talked with the current SGA President, Samienta Pierre-Vil, to find out!

Samienta Pierre-Vil

INSTARAM: What is your major/year?
SAMIENTA PIERRE-VIL: Government/2013

What activities are you involved in on/off campus?
PIERRE-VIL: SGA President/Resident Assistant in 10 West-Modern Theatre/Journey Program/ 2nd year ASB Leader… I was on Wicked for three years, an Orientation Leader, Retention Scholar and many other things on campus.

How did you become a part of SGA? What does your job require?
PIERRE-VI: I joined SGA my freshman year. I was a Senator for the Class of 2013 for two years. I was Secretary my junior year and this year I am President. As President, I oversee a board of 44 Senators, Committee Chairs, and Executive Board. I chair meetings and meet with administrators weekly to discuss student concerns. The administrators include Dean Stoll and John Silveria. I plan our retreats, SGA Leadership Awards and other student outreach programs we have on campus with members of the board. In addition to working closely with my board, I work closely with student organizations and departments by co-sponsoring events, attending their meetings and meeting with them to discuss how SGA can be supportive throughout the year.

What does SGA do for arts on campus?
PIERRE-VIL: SGA has supported arts on campus. SGA has been reaching out to NESAD students to help better their school experience and connect them to our campus. SGA supports all the PAO groups by involving them in anything we do whether it is a show during Unity Week or inviting them to perform at the SGA Leadership Awards. SGA is willing to co-sponsor events, promote shows and I personally attend as many shows I can on campus. A few of our members are involved with PAO groups and that helps us stay connected with the department.

What advice do you have for the newly elected SGA executive board?
PIERRE-VIL: It is their job to remain unbiased at all times and make sure they support their board of Senators on issues they would like to work on and that every decision benefits the student body and the University as a whole.


Random Final Question: If you could end any celebrity’s career with a snap of your fingers, who would it be and why?
PIERRE-VIL: WOW! TOUGH QUESTION! I wouldn’t want to end any celebrity’s career because I personally believe that everyone works hard at whatever they decide to do whether it is acting on a reality show or performing at the SuperBowl.