INSTARAM: What is major/year?

MARINA SILVA: I am a theatre arts major in my junior year.

What kinds of activities are you involved in on campus?

SILVA: Right now, I am a dramaturgical intern for Robert Brustein’s show, The Last Will, which will be premiering at the Modern Theatre. I  am also currently involved in the Alternative Spring Break process in which I am bound for Meridian, Mississippi. Other than that, I’ve pretty much contained myself inside of the theatre department.

Explain your upcoming project?

SILVA: I decided to write about relationships, mainly focusing on the doubts that one of the characters has about being in one. The rest of the play brings these two couples in a cafe to separate epiphanies about their respective relationships and whether or not they decide to remain in them, whilst talking about brownies.

How did you get involved with this project? What are you most excited about?

Marina Silva

SILVA: The idea of having two contrasting couples interacting with each other was always something I wanted to be fleshed out into a play. I wrote an earlier draft of “Relationships in Terms of Brownies” with a different name and plot, not the same play at all. After reviewing it again, I wanted something that could be fun to watch and yet relate with the characters. What I’m most excited about is the energy everyone involved has. The rehearsal process has been beyond wonderful and I could not have had a better cast to work with. They really make these characters c


ome to life and I cannot wait to see them onstage. They’re probably most excited about the fact that they get to eat brownies every night.

Random last question – Name something you do alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others.

SILVA: I can do a pretty decent Gollum from Lord of the Rings voice. The only reason I keep it to myself is because every time I do it, I am told to stop.




Check out Marina’s play “Relationships in Terms of Brownies” as well as plays written by students Ingrid Oslund, Adam Santaniello, and Leslie Steeves this weekend at the Theatre Department’s Spring Showcase! Tickets are sold out, but a few seats are likely to be available for free if you arrive at the studio theatre located at the 4th floor of our Archer building!

Show dates/times are…
Feb. 7 & 8: 8pm
Feb. 9 & 10: 3pm & 8pm