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Martínez said viral blog post isn’t her first racial incident

By Twitter user tiffanycmar

Alexa Gagosz and Chris DeGusto

October 30, 2016

After a blog post from a Suffolk University sociology student went viral after a professor had commented on specific words saying that it was not her “language,” senior Tiffany Martínez had more than 12,900 social shares as of late Saturday night on Facebook that had shared a link to her original...

Letter to the editor: More than 277 signatures from across the country sign a letter to Acting President Marisa Kelly

October 29, 2016

Editor's Note: This email was forwarded to The Suffolk Journal with a list of signatories. The Journal has not yet had communication with Acting President Marisa Kelly regarding the email that they sent to her email Saturday night.   Dear President Kelly: We, the undersigned, would like to ...

Suffolk student accused of plagiarism, blog post goes viral

By Facebook user Tiffany Corin Martínez

Alexa Gagosz and Chris DeGusto

October 28, 2016

Suffolk University has quickly become the center of controversy in a social media frenzy. On Thursday, 21-year-old McNair Fellow, first generation college student, latina and U.S. citizen Tiffany Martínez posted on her blog “Viva Tiffany” an article entitled “Academia, Love Me Back,” highlighting a...

Letter to the editor: A critic of Suffolk Law and the new propaganda model

Courtesy of Suffolk University

Brendan Bresnahan

June 13, 2016

Suffolk Law graduate Brendan Bresnahan gives his opinion on the partnership between Suffolk Law School and the Integreon program.

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