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‘Everybody’ impacts audience through themes of love, death and understanding

The cast of the Suffolk University Theatre Department’s production of “Everybody” inside the Modern Theatre, which ran last weekend

Morgan Hume

April 10, 2019

If death came knocking on your door, ready to take you and a companion to the afterlife, who would you bring along on the journey? Pulitzer Prize for Drama finalist Branden Jacob-Jenkins explores this question in his play “Everybody,” adapted from a 15th century morality play titled “Everyman,”...

Suffolk students debut three original plays at annual Spring Showcase

Suffolk students debut three original plays at annual Spring Showcase

Morgan Hume

February 16, 2019

The Suffolk University theatre department presented its annual Spring Showcase last weekend, which brought three unique student written and directed plays to life at the Sullivan Studio Theatre. The performance gave young playwrights and directors the chance to exhibit their work in front of a larger...

Who then am I?

Felicity Otterbein / Arts Editor

Felicity Otterbein

April 12, 2017

For more photos from "Orlando," visit Uncovered with Flash.   Organized chaos. Perhaps one of the more ironically used oxymorons in the english language, is widely used to describe cluttered bedrooms or office desks for those who thrive off of instability. From a place of dismantled common ...

Suffolk performers gear up for bustling spring season

Haley Peabody/Journal Staff

Haley Peabody

February 4, 2015

As yet another semester begins for Suffolk students, both the Theatre Department and Performing Arts Office are gearing up to present their spring line-up of performances, a season that will be packing both the C. Walsh and Modern Theatre with events to dazzle and delight the Suffolk community as well...

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