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Best live halftime performance by Bruno Mars

(Photo courtesy of Super Bowl XLVIII)

Soleil Barros

February 5, 2014

As we all sat down to watch Super Bowl XLVIII, I thought it would be the most grand time to head to Boylston’s rather crowded Trader Joes for pineapple salsa and a few other snacks. An annual occurrence I usually do not care too much for had the ability to capture my artsy interest by inviting one...

Super Bowl XLVIII: The battle for history

(Photo courtesy of marsmet522)

Jeremy Hayes

January 29, 2014

This Sunday, America will get the treat of witnessing the best offense taking on the best defense in the NFL for Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver Broncos face their toughest challenge all season facing the best team in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. It has been a phenomenal year to say the least, but...

A Look Back at the Top Ten Best Superbowl Moments

January 23, 2013

Roy Ben-Joseph  Journal Staff On Feb. 3 America will hold its breath once again. For the 47th time, two teams will face off in the nation’s biggest sporting event to decide the champion of the 2012 NFL season. This years’ Super Bowl is nothing less than special. For the first time in the hist...

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