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New MFA exhibit highlights relationship between gender and fashion

Ensemble from the

Emily Devlin

March 27, 2019

On March 21, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) opened the Gender Bending Fashion Exhibit, which explores fashion and gender over the years. Outside the exhibit is a timeline detailing fashion and gender all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Billy Porter’s appearance at the ...

The Museum of Fine Arts reveals its first Frida Kahlo exhibit

 “Self-Portrait with Hummingbird Necklace” (1940) by Frida Kahlo

Harper Wayne

February 27, 2019

Many people know the artist Frida Kahlo for her iconic unibrow, her self-portrait paintings and her poetry. Now, for the first time in Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is holding an exhibition, “Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular,” housing not only famous pieces of Kahlo’s art, but also similar...

“The Night is Short, Walk On Girl” plays at MFA Japanese film festival

Rika Saito

February 21, 2019

On Valentine’s Day, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) screened the film “The Night is Short, Walk On Girl” as a part of the Boston Festival of Films from Japan. The movie, which was played in Japanese with English subtitles, dazzled people in the theater with phenomenal animation. The Remis Auditorium,...

Takashi Murakami brings Japanese art and culture to Boston

Chris DeGusto / News Editor

Chris DeGusto

October 18, 2017

Usually a quiet and serene setting, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) was anything but traditional on Friday night, as Boston’s best-known epicenter for creativity hosted an enthralling installation to its “MFA Late Nite” seasonal series. Crowds flocked to the historic building as the doors opened to...

Hard truths: Hard to resist

Courtesy of Facebook user Do Not Resist

James MacDonald

November 10, 2016

Craig Atkinson, with credits in award-winning documentaries such as "Detropia,"made his disquieting directorial debut with “Do Not Resist,” a documentary film that made its Boston debut at the Museum of Fine Arts this month. The film examined the militarization of police forces in the United Sta...

Review: Sorrow is Born in the Hasty Heart

Maliha Khan

September 29, 2016

The 1950’s is brought back to life at the Museum of Fine Arts through their latest film series “Reagan in Hollywood: The Origins of a Conservative Icon. The series derives the legendary of Mr. Reagan prior to his term in office. One of his movies in particular, Hasty Heart which has won the Golden Globe for ...

MFA announces confidence in contemporary collection

Morgan Hume and Catarina Protano

September 21, 2016

The fall season brings change, whether it is in the world of fashion, or the shift in weather. For the Museum of Fine Arts, it’s new contemporary exhibits. The museum held a fall preview event on Sept. 16 to promote the upcoming additions to their contemporary collections.  The MFA’s “Making Modern...

‘Megacities Asia’

Felicity Otterbein/ Journal Staff

Felicity Otterbein

June 1, 2016

Stories accumulate like pollution in big cities. Stories of lives untold, laughs never shared and events never spoken of. Twenty-four digital screen panels reflect the faces of the eleven artists who contributed to the 19-piece exhibit, “Megacities Asia,” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A “megacity” r...

MFA exhibit displays Ritts’s versatility

Sam Humphrey/Managing Editor

Sam Humphrey

November 4, 2015

Two rooms distinguished by contrasting atmospheres showcase the multifaceted work of American photographer Herb Ritts at his exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts. The well-curated collection is a fitting anthology of his long career. In one room, dark walls and dim lighting showcase the subtleties...

MFA sparks conversation in new exhibit

Maria Baluch/Journal Staff

November 12, 2014

By Maria Baluch The Museum of Fine Arts' newest exhibition “Conversation Piece” invites interactions by displaying contemporary works that serve as platforms for dialogue. The MFA says that by taking everyday objects, such as a curtain, a TV, table, or chairs, as a starting point for conversation...

MFA displays work of Spanish master in new exhibit

Courtesy of MFA

Haley Peabody

October 15, 2014

The Museum of Fine Arts unveiled to the public a one-of-a-kind exhibit last Sunday, featuring selected works by Spanish artist Francisco Goya. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it in Boston before,” said Malcom Rogers, director of the MFA. The exhibit, which is the largest collection...

MFA Brings Old Hollywood to Boston

(Photo courtesy of The MFA)

September 17, 2014

By Maria Baluch If you have ever dreamed of the stunning dresses and gowns worn by Hollywood actresses, now is your chance to see them up-close and in person. The Museum of Fine Arts has a new exhibit called “Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen.” As you open the doubl...

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