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Magic on display at Museum of Science

November 18, 2009

Article By: Alex Sessa Harry Potter: the Exhibition, currently being held at the Museum of Science, has proven to be a popular attraction for young children and diehard Harry Potter fans.  While it does not draw many college students or adults, it is clearly an excellent attraction for families.  ...

Greatest thing since rebels blew up Death Star

Derek Anderson

November 18, 2009

Article By: Derek Anderson In a galaxy far far away, a revolutionary series of movies hit the world hard, bringing a fantasy of aliens, lightsabers, force powers and strange planets to the masses. Last Wednesday in Providence, an orchestral performance of John Williams’ compositions, which backed the Star Wars saga, captivated audience me...

Another Affhole in the North End

Angela Christoforos

November 14, 2009

Article by: Angela Christoforos All over Boston this month, local residents have been raving about the The Town (Legendary Pictures, slated for 2010) a film directed by and starring Ben Affleck. Affleck has been filming scenes around Boston’s historic Italian neighborhood adjacent to Suffolk, as w...

Vince Vaughn’s Couples Retreat

November 14, 2009

Article by: Kelly Harvell Just because autumn is here, it doesn’t mean the vacation needs to be over. Couples Retreat (Universal Pictures, 2009) includes four couples who leave their normal life to go to Eden East Island, a resort that specializes in restoring marriages. Sadly, it was the fi...

Smashely Simpson, Babe Ruthless and Bloody Holly Whip butt!

November 14, 2009

Article by: Ashley Maceli Oozing with girl-power and independence, Whip It (Fox Searchlight, 2009), directed by Drew Barrymore, simply kicks ass in the best way possible. A contact sport film with girls in skimpy outfits and fishnets for the boys and a coming-of-age tale for the girls, Whip It...

Construction Gangs: New documentary shows China’s ever-changing face

November 11, 2009

Article By:  Shoshana Akins The Communication and Journalism Department’s Suffolk Cinema Series and the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies teamed up last Thursday to show Demolition: The World of Construction Gangs in China, a documentary by a Harvard graduate student on the constantly e...

In film show “Nothing Is (Is Nothing) Sacred,” Nothing is Sacred

Ethan M. Long

October 21, 2009

Article By: Alex Sessa Experimental film is an area of cinema that defies the typical boundaries, breaks new ground, and never fails to astonish its audiences. It can shock, outrage, and even disturb viewers, but ultimately, experimental film has a powerful message that everyone should learn. 2...

Where the Wild Things At Dawg?

Ethan M. Long

October 21, 2009

Article By: Ashley Maceli Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book of the same title has completely been brought to life in the brilliant film Where The Wild Things Are (Warner Brothers, 2009). Director Spike Jonze did a beautiful job in making a quirky, dark movie that has elements for adults ...

Sleep No More goes beyond fourth wall

Marissa Holt

October 21, 2009

Converting Old Lincoln School into one outrageous set Article By: Derek Anderson and Marissa Holt A new type of innovative theatre has hit the greater Boston area all the way from the United Kingdom thanks to Punchdrunk, a British production company. Sleep No More, has allowed for the Old Lincoln School in Brookline...

The business behind getting high

Ethan M. Long

October 7, 2009

Article by: Ethan Long SUNORML hosted a showing of the Canadian documentary The Union: the Business Behind Getting High (Peace Arch Home Entertainment, 2007) Last Wednesday, Sept. 30, in the C. Walsh Theater. A question and answer session featuring documentarian Adam Scorgie and Harvard Professor Dr. Lester...

Hot bodies, cold everything else

Ethan M. Long

September 30, 2009

By: Tom Logan Looking at the initial previews for Jennifer’s Body (Twentieth Century Fox, 2009), one would think that this was a stupid horror movie with a few cheap jokes that mainly showcases how hot Megan Fox is in borderline softcore porn format. After seeing the movie, it can be said tha...

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