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‘Island’ just another thriller

February 24, 2010

Article by: Cait O'Callaghan Martin Scorsese teams up with Leonardo DiCaprio a fourth time in his new film Shutter Island (Paramount Pictures, 2010), the story of a Bostonian U.S Marshal’s investigation into the disappearance of a patient on an island that holds a mental hospital. Taking place in 1954, DiCaprio plays U.S Marsha...

Wolfman returns to the big screen

Derek Anderson

February 17, 2010

Michael J. Fox nowhere to be seen Article by: Derek Anderson An old school horror flick remade, The Wolfman (Universal Pictures, 2010) tore onto the big screen last weekend, but fell short on its attempt to show an evolution of an old monster tale. The movie starts off with Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del...

Boston area featured in ‘Edge of Darkness’

February 10, 2010

Article by: Ashley Maceli Mel Gibson returns to the big screen after five years of absence in Edge of Darkness (Warner Bros., 2010). Mel Gibson’s performance is as awesome as ever, though the overall story was lackluster. However, other aspects of the movie definitely need to be credited for saving it. ...

Avatar: Going blue to go green

Derek Anderson

February 3, 2010

Article by: Derek Anderson James Cameron’s Avatar has smashed down competition in theaters and reigns as the highest grossing movie of all time worldwide. The film brings the audience into the new world of Pandora, a moon that the human race wishes to harvest for an ultra-powerful mineral by the n...

WSUB Productions screens student films

December 9, 2009

Article By: Brayden Varr WSUB Productions, one of Suffolk’s many clubs, is specifically dedicated to the creation of small films by students.  On Dec. 3 the club held a showcase in Donahue 311 to a small crowd consisting mostly of actors, directors, and dedicated fans. Throughout the two hours of...

Wes Anderson still fantastic

Derek Anderson

December 9, 2009

Article By: Derek Anderson Wes Anderson has done it again, this time in a stop-motion animated take on Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox (20th Century Fox, 2009). The classic childhood book was brought to life on the big screen with the innovative mind of Anderson and expanded on, making the story...

Controversial & heartbreaking

December 9, 2009

Article By: Shoshana Akins When Alice Sebold’s novel The Lovely Bones hit the bookstands five years ago, it shook worlds with its horrifyingly honest tale of a young girl’s murder. A shocking rape scene, the intimate portrayal of a devastated family, and a beautiful new look at the afterlife, ca...

Oscar season is ‘Up in the Air’

December 2, 2009

Article By: Ethan Long Ryan Bingham lives above everyone else, and he likes it. It’s only fitting that Jason Reitman’s next film, after his 2007 hit comedy Juno, would be more of an adult film, dealing with a man who just doesn’t want to settle down, but wants to continue his life “Up in th...

Making vampires un-cool

December 2, 2009

Article by:Tom Logan Twilight, or as it should be known, The Adventures of Mary-Sue and Sparkles the Vampire, is an over-hyped piece of literary garbage written by Stephanie Meyer about a young girl that falls in love with a vampire…. that sparkles. New Moon (Summit Entertainment, 2009), the secon...

Magic on display at Museum of Science

November 18, 2009

Article By: Alex Sessa Harry Potter: the Exhibition, currently being held at the Museum of Science, has proven to be a popular attraction for young children and diehard Harry Potter fans.  While it does not draw many college students or adults, it is clearly an excellent attraction for families.  ...

Greatest thing since rebels blew up Death Star

Derek Anderson

November 18, 2009

Article By: Derek Anderson In a galaxy far far away, a revolutionary series of movies hit the world hard, bringing a fantasy of aliens, lightsabers, force powers and strange planets to the masses. Last Wednesday in Providence, an orchestral performance of John Williams’ compositions, which backed the Star Wars saga, captivated audience me...

Another Affhole in the North End

Angela Christoforos

November 14, 2009

Article by: Angela Christoforos All over Boston this month, local residents have been raving about the The Town (Legendary Pictures, slated for 2010) a film directed by and starring Ben Affleck. Affleck has been filming scenes around Boston’s historic Italian neighborhood adjacent to Suffolk, as w...

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