Hot bodies, cold everything else

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By: Tom Logan

Looking at the initial previews for Jennifer’s Body (Twentieth Century Fox, 2009), one would think that this was a stupid horror movie with a few cheap jokes that mainly showcases how hot Megan Fox is in borderline softcore porn format. After seeing the movie, it can be said that such a notion is partially right.

If there’s one thing that can be learned from this movie, it is that Megan Fox is practically magic. She can make you forget you just lost your best friend and she can make emo kids listen to cheerful music, all thanks to her incredible hotness. Megan Fox aside, the film itself wasn’t terrible, but then again it wasn’t very good either.

The characters are portrayed very well in this film, but they’re just high school stereotypes. Megan Fox is the airheaded slutty girl, Amanda Seyfried is the dorky best friend, and Johnny Simmons is the dorky girl’s nerdy, nice-guy boyfriend.

Perhaps the film’s biggest problem is that director Karyn Kusama tried to combine a high school romantic comedy with a horror film, and those two genres blend like oil and water. While the parts that are supposed to make you laugh are funny, they often downplay the horror element of the film. The film switching between Megan Fox killing someone and Amanda Seyfried having awkward nerdy sex with her boyfriend makes for a very weird scene that is supposed to be funny and scary, but doesn’t really ever achieve the latter.

So should someone spend their money to see this movie? As a horror film it’s pretty sub-par, and as a comedy it’s average to slightly above average, so if your interested in a scary movie then it’s doubtful Jennifer’s Body is going to cut it. If you wants a movie that will make you laugh…. then this film may do the job, but if one wants to see this movie because of the impression that they’re is going to see Megan Fox naked, well then you’ll only find disappointment.