CreaturoS is not Doomed

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If you want to experience psychedelic garage rock that’ll bleed perfectly into your fall soundscape, check out Boston-based CreaturoS’ debut, SWAMPP THINGG.  With the surf-rock-inspired opening track ‘James Day’s Milk Shake,’ the band creates a crisp vibe that let’s you experience a truly raw hype.  If any track off of SWAMPP THINGG will catch and reel-in new fans, it would have to be ‘Charlie Brown,’ as its melodic chords sweep you up and send you into a technicolor stratosphere, turning into a wild fever dream.

CreaturoS is made up of Cambridge and Allston locals Spencer Gralla and Noah Bond, formerly of the band Doomstar!, joined by Joe Marrett.  They are on the label/blog pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS, run by both Gralla and Bond themselves.

‘Last Summers’ #1 Hit Single’ is ironically catchy like The Black Keys on an acid trip. I would have to say that my favorite track would be ‘Weak End,’ as it is an ever transcending wall of sound that cannot and will not be ignored. The band is tapping into the grand well of DIY nostalgia by releasing SWAMPP THINGG on cassette. It fits the motif perfectly, it’s like finding a long-lost piece of work from a long-forgotten band, but CreaturoS is anything but forgettable. With tracks like ‘I Don’t Want To Go To The Beach’ and  ‘Leave Your Face Behind,’ short but angst-drenched, fast-paced jams are just plain experimental fun.

The last track on SWAMPP THINGG clocks in at 9″52′ and each second is put towards great use, as it is a great mellow journey.  I think that this is a fantastic debut by a band with a fresh, down-to-earth sound. I could easily see this album making a regular rotation in my morning commute.  If you are a fan of psychedelic, garage rock you have to give CreaturoS a listen. I see that given the bands’ sound, the idea of being repetitive could happen but if these guys manage to stay inspired, I see a bright future for them.

As of now, they are touring in support of SWAMPP THINGG with already confirmed events such as Homegrown 4: Boston Hassle Fest, taking place at the Cambridge Elks Lodge, in Central Square, from November 2 to 3. (18+/$15) They will also play on Monday, Oct. 29 along with The MIGS and Freak Flag at ZuZu’s on Mass Ave in Cambridge at 10 p.m.  Overall I thought that this was a highly successful first release for a new act.

The album was recorded at four different places throughout the past year and was then mixed by Spencer Gralla in his own home.  If you want to check out CreaturoS’ debut SWAMPP THINGG, trust my advice, I know you want to try it out on cassette with digital download Oct. 30.