Editors’ NHL & NBA championship predictions

“NHL: “Bruins- the defending champs know how to get it done in the playoffs. They also have many returning Cup players and this experience will give them the edge.

NBA: Bulls- they have an outstanding defense and a terrific bench, as well as the reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose.”

-Mike Giannattasio, sports editor

“NHL: “Bruins- they look like the hot team right now.

NBA: Bulls- they are easily the most complete team. With a healthy Derrick Rose, they’re unstoppable.”

-Alex Hall, asst. sports editor

“NHL: Bruins- repeat, why not?

NBA: Thunder- this is finally Kevin Durant’s year.”

-Alex Mellion, asst. sports editor

NHL: “Bruins- they will take the cup. It’s going to be a long, difficult fight to the top, but that’s why hockey playoffs are the best out of any sport.

NBA: Celtics-they’re going to go all the way. And the best part is when they win, every other team will have been beaten by the old guys.”

-Derek Anderson, managing editor

“NHL: Bruins-I’m picking them because I don’t follow hockey like I should.

NBA: Is the NFL season here yet?”

-Michael Christina, opinion editor

“NHL: Flyers- the Hanson brothers rule.

NBA: Thunder- Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Derek Fisher equals wins plus endurance .”

-Ethan M. Long, news editor

“NHL: Blackhawks-they represent Chicago!

NBA: Bulls-they will win in seven against the Thunder.”

-Ivan Favelevic, international editor

 “NHL: Kings-it may be mathamatically impossible, but I believe they’ll take it.

NBA: Celtics- go basketball!”

-Soleil Barros, asst. news editor

“NHL: Bruins-as long as they can stay energized in OT, they will win for sure.

NBA: Celtics!”

-Allison Thibault, asst. arts editor

“NHL: “Bruins- they’ll repeat as champions!

NBA: Celtics- they will win another championship with the big three.”

-Jeff Fish, editor-in-chief