We value reliable news

It’s that time of the year again when politicians travel the country in search for political gain, looking to increase the strength of their campaigns.

Commercial advertisements for candidates dominate television, pop-up ads appear everywhere on the internet and social media is flooded with people expressing their political ideals.

With the presidential election captivating the nation once again, everyone is itching to get their views across on media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is the direct product of a democratic society, where every citizen is entitled to their own opinion.

In these times, it can be extremely difficult to find concrete news, void of biased opinions that can oftentimes be inaccurate or misleading.

More frustrating is that most-every major newspaper writes official endorsements for political candidates of their own choosing.

This may  draw more readers who support that particular candidate, but it also can  turn away  people who may not share the same beliefs as the staff of that particular newspaper.

This bias within the newsroom of a paper can ultimately cause a newspaper to be perceived as unreliable to many readers.

For this exact reason, The Suffolk Journal staff has chosen to stay away from major political endorsements in years past, and we intend on continuing this trend.

This is a choice we make every election cycle in order to provide unbiased news for our students, staff and anyone else who picks up a copy of our weekly paper on campus.

We do not intend to promote any or endorse any one political view in our paper. We instead aim to report on the facts and give both sides of the aisle an equal platform for their voice.

With that being said, it is also important to understand and comprehend that our writers have personal opinions – we are humans after all. But despite this fact, our newspaper promises to operate as an independent newspaper, an unbiased and reliable source.

Our staff  intends on keeping this value for every level of political elections. This includes elections for our very own student government.

Although we at The Suffolk Journal are passionate about reporting on news surrounding our student body, we feel that using our platform to endorse particular students over others is inappropriate for a school paper. We promise to keep our opinions on who should be SGA Executive Board to ourselves.

Our journal staff values honesty and unbiased reporting at the highest level. We believe it to be of utmost importance to keep our own opinions separate from our writing and reporting in a professional fashion. Overall, this is why The Suffolk Journal will not give an endorsement to any political candidate of any stature.

~ The Suffolk

Journal Staff