New SGA subcommittee, SJRB, financial committee members elected

Below are the newly appointed 2019-2020 SGA subcommittee chair members, Student Judiciary Review Board (SJRB) members, SGA class speakers, SGA Finance Committee members and SGA members at large. 

Public Relations Committee- Bryanna Crowley, Class of 2020 senator and Marissa Kearney, Class of 2022 senator

Housing Committee- Abhy Patel, Class of 2022 senator

Student Affairs Committee- Dan Redznak, Class of 2020 senator

Diversity and Inclusion Committee- Lukas Phipps, commuter students senator at-large

SJRB’s non-SGA representatives- Steven Rossi, Giovanna Crespo, Daniel Offor-Asamoah and Venice Morris 

SGA members of SJRB- 2020 Senator Geraldine Galvis, 2021 Senator Kostas Loukas, Class of 2022 Senator Meagan Dyer and Class of 2023 Senator Ana-Luiza Bernardes 

Class of 2020 speaker- Sara Tavana

Class of 2021 speaker- Valentino Kaja 

Class of 2022 speaker- Marissa Michaela Kearney

Class of 2023 speaker- Boston Emmanuel

Members at large for the Class of 2023- Evan Weston, Mashaal Munaf and Frensi Thanasi

Financial Committee- Class of 2020 Senator Melissa Tupkusic, Class of 2021 Senator Gabriela Soto Cotto, Class of 2022 Senator Abhy Patel and Class of 2023 Senator Angela El-Jazzar

Finance Committee decides how much money from students’ activity fees will be distributed to student organizations on campus for events, conferences and other related needs.