Editor’s Word: Don’t lose hope in the honest press

As a student publication, The Suffolk Journal has the same intentions as your local news station – to provide you with the facts you need, when you need them, regarding Suffolk University. Although The Suffolk Journal, and other outlets nationwide, have made mistakes in the past, mistakes are made in all industries.

We ask that the Suffolk University community, as an educated community, maintain that the truth be worth seeking at all costs, and that we not use the media as reinforcement of our own prejudices. Without the honest media, storms would hit with no warning. Elections would occur with a blind eye.

Despite what other media outlets have been doing from time to time – setting biased agendas, deliberately polarizing Americans’ political views further and creating news stories in an unfair fashion – we, the staff of The Suffolk Journal, ask that the Suffolk University community maintain their trust in the honest press.

~The Suffolk Journal Staff