Suffolk Dems and GOP spar in charity basketball match

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Mike Giannattasio
Journal Staff

Games are much more fun to watch when there is trash talking leading up to it. This is exactly why the first annual Suffolk Democrats versus Suffolk GOP basketball game is going to be a blast to watch on Friday.

The event, which was organized by SU Democrat President Kris Callahan and SU GOP President Joe Paru, will be held this Friday at 7:30 p.m., in the Ridgeway Gym.

Many of the Suffolk students participating in the game gave their opinion about why they think their team is going to win, including Callahan, who guaranteed a victory over the GOP this Friday.

Callahan also said that he has been putting his body through rigorous workouts to prepare for the game.

“I’ve been drinking plenty of muscle milk, and I also set up a dart board with [Suffolk GOP member] Karl Hoffman’s face on it in my room so I can practice my accuracy before I go to bed at night,” said Callahan, who will be running the point guard position during the game.

Tino Capobianco is the starting center on the SU Democrats squad, and has said his team recently held a private practice with the President of the United States. This, however, could not be verified.

“We will win because of our private practice with President Barack Obama,” said Capobianco, a senior majoring in political science. “The president gave me advice that will improve my jump shot, so I think we will ride our Democratic Donkey to victory.”

Both the Demecrats and GOP team have each held a few team practices in recent weeks to build team chemistry.  Capobianco said the Democrats’ practices have been intense to say the least.

“Our coach [Jeff Cyr] has not been taking any laziness from his players,” said Capobianco. “For example one of our players [Daniel Mann] was unable to complete a standard suicide, so Coach Cyr made him the official team water boy. We also jogged the Charles River together as a team every other day.”

Paru said the GOP has enough talent on the club to easily defeat the Democrats.

“We are going to win simply because we have the players to do so,” said Paru, a junior and starting point guard of the GOP team. “I also am looking forward to making Tino Capobianco cry.”

Kelsey Trenti is a senior with a double major in marketing and business management, and she will be the starting shooting guard for the GOP on Friday. Trenti said she thinks the GOP is going to win simply because the Republicans favor competition.

“We all know [the Democrats] prefer to limit competition and even out the playing field,” said Trenti. “Come on people, we aren’t nationalizing healthcare or giving money away to help some welfare program, as this is basketball, and there is no evening a playing field.

The [Democrats] thrive on this so called ‘fairness’ and you just can’t do that in the game of basketball, so they’re in trouble.”

While many of the players are enjoying the trash talking, they all know it will be an entertaining game and for a good cause. All the donations raised from the event will be contributed to the Care Package Drive for the troops.

John McDonnell is a senior studying advertising who will be the starting shooting forward for the GOP Friday. McDonnell said he is looking forward to participating in the event.

“I am happy to be a part of such an amazing event that will raise money for our troops,” said McDonnell. “I am looking [forward] to just going out there and having fun and having a chance to compete. We have been having some fun practices, and just getting to know the team has been a rewarding experience.”

Russell Dukett is a senior majoring in information systems and operations management with a minor in finance. He will be part of the Democrats’ line-up, and said the game is going to be a great time.

“I want to have fun and, more importantly, see how much money we can raise for the Care Package Drive for the troops,” said Dukett.

Callahan said, all jokes aside, this game is all about the men and women who defend our country.

“This isn’t about red versus blue or whatever you want to call it, but it’s for the people who wear our nation’s colors in the battlefield,” said Paru. “They deserve all the credit in the world and by us coming together to have fun, all while raising money for the troops is truly a great thing.”

A large crowd is expected Friday night at the game, as many students want to come and witness this historic event.

Hoffman has been a member of the Suffolk GOP since his freshman year, and he will be cheering on the GOP team on Friday. Hoffman also hopes a good chunk of money is raised for the soldiers overseas.

“I hope that everyone who comes donates something to the drive,” said Hoffman. “In the end it doesn’t matter to me who [becomes] victorious, but rather that people enjoy themselves and we have a strong start to the care package drive.”