Editor’s word: Jun. 3, 2010

Dear Reader,

The Suffolk Journal wants to take the time to welcome the class of 2014 to Suffolk University and we hope that you all find your niche or organization that you feel you can make a difference in. With that said, it’s time for some promotion of the writing organizations on campus. Scratch that, it’s time to promote all organizations on campus.

Whether you are a freshman, a transfer, or even if you are a returning student looking to do something new, please join an organization. The Journal is a great organization on campus to get involved with, but it isn’t the only one we’re promoting. The Suffolk Voice, the University’s online news publication, is also a great organization to join up with. Venture is another publication to check out. Any of these organizations, as well as any other group on campus, will benefit from your involvement. Not to mention, you yourself will also move forward in life.

Many may ask what the point of this editorial is and why we aren’t taking the space to pump up our own group. To that, we say we want involvement within the University as a whole. Yeah, we love the Journal. We wouldn’t be doing all this work if we didn’t. Plus, we can promote ourselves whenever we want. It is the entirety, however, we are more concerned with. This is a point in all of our lives to be doing something beyond the ordinary. Let’s get our feet wet and our hands dirty. There’s no time to check the temperature of the water, we all need to jump in.

To all those journalism and communication majors out there, it is only hindering your chances at a solid occupation to not get involved with one of the news or writing publications. To the rest, join up with one of us anyway. New and different points of view will only expand what can be experienced by a group on campus. For instance, our last arts editor was a political science major and he was one of the best writers we’ve ever had.

Overall, get involved with something. Anything, really. Make your mark on Suffolk. We at the Journal don’t care what it is that you join up with, we just sincerely hope that you do something throughout the years that you are here. There is so much at your fingertips. Grab hold and never let go. Welcome to Suffolk.

Best wishes,
The Suffolk Journal