Editor’s word: The Journal Staff stands against the Secretary of Education

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Throughout the confirmation hearings, the then-nominee Betsy DeVos, who practically paid her way to the Secretary of Education position, displayed her utter lack of experience in public education. Both her inconsiderable absence of knowledge on education policy and what was the closest vote for a cabinet position in history should serve as a red flag to educators and students alike across this nation.

DeVos is unqualified, yet she was confirmed with an emergency vote from Vice President Mike Pence. This confirmation could have a strong impact on Suffolk University, specifically because of her sheer disregard for student loans and blindness to those who are not classified with the top one percent.

Instead, DeVos wants to further the Trump agenda and steer as far as possible from former President Barack Obama’s legacy. In her hearings, she stated her aspiration to move away from Obama’s commitment to fight against sexual assault on campuses. This should stand as a horror to the entire Suffolk community, a community that has worked to ensure that all students are safe on campus, including sexual assault victims.

Betsy DeVos does not stand for students who study in the United States and she does not stand for the diverse community that Suffolk has. The Suffolk Journal’s editorial board stands against the Secretary of Education.

~ The Journal Staff