Letter to the editor: I’m ready for a Trump presidency

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We have to support Donald Trump so he can hopefully perform well as President. He won the election, and a large segment of the U.S. population has spoken. I agree with many of the policies he wants to implement, and I believe he will stop the nasty rhetoric that he used in the primaries and the general election. I am convinced his rhetoric was contrived to draw attention to himself and away from other candidates. Every time he said something controversial he received extensive and free media coverage and he was in the spotlight. He played the media very well.
The next step is for President-Elect Trump to fill Cabinet and advisory positions. Due to his lack of political, government and military experience the appointment of highly qualified people to key positions will be critical in determining the success of his Presidency. Early information on his possible appointees indicates he will surround himself with qualified and competent people. Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and others being mentioned are potential viable candidates.
One person mentioned for the position of Secretary of Defense, former LT. GEN. Michael Flynn (Ret.), should not be considered for any position. Flynn might be a Jew Hater, or at the very least be biased against Jews. In a CNN report that Clinton’s campaign blamed Russia for leaking DNC emails Flynn tweeted the following: “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore.” Flynn is a Trump advisor, and it is amazing to me that Trump has kept Flynn around. What is  incredible is a bigot like Flynn could make it to the highest levels of our Army. I was enlisted and an officer in the Navy, and I never encountered a high ranking officer with biased views like Flynn.
In addition to his personal bias against Jews, I don’t see how Flynn as Secretary of Defense could interact with Israel. Israel is a key ally in the Middle East who we need to help us contain and thwart the radical Islamic terrorism prevalent in Middle East countries. If Israel goes down, Europe could be next, and then they will come at us.
Haters should not be included in the Trump administration. I look forward to a successful Trump Presidency that embodies the unbiased spirit of the American people.
Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry NH