Editor’s word: How can Suffolk stop students from transferring?

Over the course of the last year, Suffolk has made outstanding strides to streamline major aspects of the university. The obvious move away from Beacon Hill, the addition of the new athletic fields in East Boston and the seemingly endless discussions about what will happen next initially come to mind.

With these changes, students have to wonder what the ultimate goal is at the end of the tunnel when everything is completed.

Are administrators seeking to completely makeover Suffolk into something it could be? Or, are they trying to play catch up to other universities nearby for what they’ve to failed to provide in the past? Suffolk this year alone admitted one of the largest freshmen classes in a time when they own the least amount of space to hold students.

Is this a product of an administration’s “big picture” mindset?

As the new academic year gets underway, fliers across campus have advertised welcome events and opportunities for new and returning students to meet their peers. But, even with all of these resources to make students feel welcome, some students still actually decide to transfer to another school after their first year.  Is innovation and progress for the university worth potentially losing students?

Of course, each student has his or her own individual reason to consider going to another school but ultimately that decision is likely sparked due to an inability to find what they were looking for at Suffolk, regardless if that is an updated computer lab or intimate social network.

Whatever the reason, the issue around students transferring needs to be kept in mind as administration stamps their next big change.