Editor’s word: Orientation 2014

Welcome to Suffolk University, class of 2018 and transfer students. You are about to embark on four very important years of your life, so take in your surroundings, and get excited about what this university has to offer.

Unlike the strict and often confining walls of high school, here at Suffolk you can choose your own classes, live independently of your parents, and find a group of friends who make you feel good to be yourself.

Suffolk is unique to other colleges as it allows you to experience the thrills of Boston while on your way to class. Because your university isn’t in a small gated community, you will have the chance to see so much of the world around you while you study.

Over the past few years, Suffolk has been working hard to grow as an institution and meet the ever-changing fundamentals of higher education. President James McCarthy works diligently to make sure online classes are available. Professors often send you out into the city to complete assignments. The Career Development Center will help you find the perfect internship or co-op. The 20 Somerset building, opening in fall 2015, will offer state-of-the-art classrooms and even more opportunities in STEM education.

Suffolk University will help stimulate you. Make the most of it – ask questions in class, really dive in to your reading, change your major if you have a change in heart.

Take this time to challenge yourself, from simple things like trying a new food to big decisions like getting an off-campus apartment.

But don’t forget that this is also time to discover yourself. Take a break from homework to have a relaxing walk along the harbor. Go see a movie or go shopping on Newbury Street. Taking time to clear your head is important, especially when you are bogging yourself down with classes, clubs, friends, and the general necessities of life.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help when you need it. Ask professors for advice if you are falling behind; see a tutor at CLAS; go to the health and wellness center if you are feeling down; give your parents a call for an occasional taste of home.

Everyone has been telling you this is one of the most important times in your life, and it is. Dive right in to college and immerse yourself in the wonders of education, independence, and finding yourself.