Comedy Central introduces new series Broad City

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Abbi and Ilana are two 20-somethings just trying to balance out their post-college existence in the hyper-kinetic streets of New York. Feeling like the love child of pitchfork and Woody Allen, the New York duo are the latest offering in alternative comedy from Comedy Central. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer took time out to speak to the Journal about anything and everything.

Q: Can you elaborate on how aspects of college life appear in the show?

Jacobson: The show focuses on post college life. Ilana lives in a post dorm, and Abbi is trying to separate herself from her college life. She’s trying to become an illustrator.

Glazer: The show is definitely us a few years ago. As characters, they used and abused college life, like most upper class kids tend to do.The show is also about how we’re really in this age of prolonged adolescence. They don’t work in the fields that the studied and it’s about trying to find a balance in that.

Q: I’ve heard that there is an accurate portrayal of Brooklyn life, is that true? 

Jacobson: We try to base every episode on an inkling of things that have happened in real life.

Glazer: We have a spread sheet that we share of experiences that we like  draw from and to continually add too.

Q: How does to feel to be compared to shows like Girls or even Workaholics?

Jacobson: We’re really honored to be compared to such established shows. It makes it easier to understand, when compared to similar shows such as Girls. I really have the most respect for Lena Dunham.

Q:Do you like having the label as being “sneak attack feminism?” 

Glazer: When we shoot the show, we don’t have that agenda but we do enjoy hearing that word.

Q: Are you both happy that many college aged kids are enjoying the show?

Jacobson: The web series was shot right when we were out of college. It’s cool to have college aged kids like the show, as they are the next generation to rule shit. It’s cool to see how relatable it is to others.

Q:You both have a background in improv with UCB, how has that worked into your show?

Jacobson: It definitely shaped our ability and our community. The New York community is such a tight support network, that we’re not afraid to try new stuff.

Glazer: There has been a lot of support in the area. It gave us the confidence to make the web series in the first place.

Q:How do you feel from the transition from web series to TV show, especially as friends ?

Jacobson: We love the transition, we devised this to be a day in the life of adventures that the characters go through. Very hyper-reality stuff.

Glazer: This is TV college, scripted TV college. We already had a friendship going, so adding business was natural.

Q: Besides broadcasting, how has comedy central helped the show ?

Jacobson: They’ve been awesome throughout the whole process. They are really collaborative during the draft process. These people really get the world, and instead of editing they really help concentrate it. 

Q:What is Amy Poehler’s involvement with the show?

Jacobson: She has been very active, she has directed the season finale, she pitched with us. She has been extremely involved all throughout the entire process. She has truly supported us all the way.

Q: What has it been like getting into this scene?

Jacobson: This summer it’ll be eight years that Ilana and I have been in the comedy scene. It’s just great to find a scene where you connect so well.

Q:How is it to write for yourself ?

Jacobson: Comedy Central really lets us go out there with our writing. I like to play with my insecure side, like in the first few episodes.

Glazer: I think we both like to do that with eachother’s characters. It’s an honor and a privilege to take advantage and just to do it.

Q:How do you feel performing raunchy comedy, when it is usually male dominated?

Jacobson: The world is super ready for equal representation , I feel that we’re being received well.

Q: Do you both have other projects in the works currently?

Jacobson: We have a handful of other projects and this docent happen much but we both use our solo work to motivate and talk about.

Q:Whats it like to revisit ideas and jokes from the web series?

Jacobson: It’s scary, sometimes we put a line in as a wink to our web viewers. Sometimes we’ve expanded on an idea too as a wink to viewers. Something that has meaning enough to continue talking about again.