iPhone 5c is the next big Apple product to buy

When a consumer considers what kind of device they would like to dedicate the next two years of their life to – if it is an accessible option, the iPhone has stood to be the go-to communication phenomenon of the last decade.

As each generation emerges, new features and fun apps are always anticipated to the point where the overwhelming amount of distractions in your new phone is partially all part of the fun.

The iPhone 5c reporting to duty, taking the title of the latest and the greatest from the Apple franchise as we have witnessed the many advertisements and reviews that have debuted over the past few weeks since the phone’s release Oct. 25. Launched in an array of colors, the iPhone 5c was delivered in of colors including yellow, pink, green, and blue – allowing consumers to have a “personal feel for colorful personalities” when purchasing this new smartphone.

After fiddling with the phone for a few days, it is almost impossible to ignore the lightweight character that the new iPhone 5c carries – opposed to its grandfather iPhone models, the 5c seems to clock in at one of the most sleek designs yet.

The yellow colorful shell and theme of the device made it immensely easy to find amongst that madness that could be a purse or backpack, feeling almost that you would have a piece you tend to a bit more do to that “personal feel” the color adds to. This being Apple’s very first attempt with adding color to their series of smartphones seemed to be a breakthrough idea for the legendary company.

Photo by Soleil Barros

In comparison to its younger generation – the iPhone 4 (mine currently has a shattered screen, a feature I couldn’t imagine occurring with the 5c) seemed to become an absolute outdated device even though it does in fact do most things the rock-star 5c does.

The popular Instagram application was one of the grandest features as it displayed images so beautifully on the large LCD screen; it made it difficult to almost look away.

Thanks to the large screen and centered selfie camera, applications like Snap Chat and FaceTime only extended your new “personal” love for your iPhone 5c. The new ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature becomes almost impossible to part with your new colorful friend. The original packaging includes a better quality white set of headphones and Pandora seemed to DJ much better via the iPhone 5c or that could possibly be me just falling for that “personal feel” again. As the phone sits on a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, it allows for the consumer to pay attention to those otherwise unnoticeable details and captivate the solidarity that is this new iPhone – noticing things like the names of unknown songs and how is my battery not dead yet?

With a super fast Verizon  4G LTE power stream, Instagram videos load really quickly and photo previews appear in Twitter. Initially I hated the phone, it was foreign and extremely bland but after a few days with the personalized default header and text highlight color in notes also yellow to match the yellow phone had made for a special feel and the iPhone 5c had officially grown on me.

The iPhone 5c would be a great pick up for the consumer that enjoys toys and a pick-me-up. If you are feeling bored with your current smartphone or are looking to upgrade, the iPhone 5c is a glorified and revolutionary device.

A flashlight feature that helped me to find my keys while writing the basis of this story on my Yellow iPhone 5c was the main feature, that converted me to a true fan of the 5c.